Downloads: Timeslip Fallout 2 engine tweaks for Windows XP/Vi

Timeslip Fallout 2 engine tweaks for Windows XP/Vi

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Uploaded by Brother None - 07-31-2007
Author Author Timeslip
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This version is for Windows XP/Vista/7. Windows 95/98 version available at Timeslip's website (alternate download link)

Major features:

* Increase movement and combat speed to up to 10x normal.
* Play fallout in a window or in 16 bit colour mode
* Use d3d9 in place of the usual ddraw
* Use the mouse scroll wheel in the inventory, barter, conversation and save/load menus.
* Assign a use to the middle mouse button, and adjust mouse sensitivity beyond fallouts normal range
* Adjust or remove the 13 year time limit
* Fixes the broken pathfinder and sharpshooter perks
* Adds some additional script functions for modders to use




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