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New Vegas Bounties I

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Uploaded by Brother None - 07-25-2012
Author Author Someguy2000
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"New Vegas Bounties I" is the first installment in a planned series for Fallout: New Vegas. Upon initiating the quest, you'll be tasked with tracking down the most malevolent and vile assortment of outlaws in the Mojave Wasteland.

Your targets will include rogue rangers, fiends, raiders, drug smugglers, cannibals, and pistoleros, to name a few. Your opponents are all designed to be boss-caliber, akin to the fiends in "Three-Card Bounty", and became gradually more difficult as you progress.

At its core, New Vegas Bounties is an action mod; extreme violence and profanity are ubiquitous. In lieu of mind-boggling puzzles or "go collect x or y resource"-type quests, you will be confronted with dangerous opponents who are designed to frustrate and kill you. You will be harried, ambushed, outnumbered, and outgunned. This is the path of a bounty hunter - take it or leave it.

This is my first mod for New Vegas, but I've released multiple action/adventure plugins for TES IV. If you leave comments or suggestions I will always respond, and make every effort to correct bugs or conflicts should they arise.
This adapts several characters and elements from JarheadWriter's mod, Potomac Breaks (FO3), with his permission.

It includes 436 lines of fully-voiced dialogue (as of version 1.2). I will continue to polish the lip-syncing in future updates, as it is a time-consuming process (and I've gained new respect for voiced mods!).

If you love it, hate, or are just indifferent, please post comments. My mods live and die by users who provide feedback!




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