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Uploaded by Brother None - 07-25-2012
Author Author RJHelms84
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In Dog City the player is sent to explore the post-war ruins of Denver, Colorado. Now, aptly named Dog City, its streets are ruled by gangs of infected canines. Its human residents hide indoors, up high where dogs can't climb.

You are caught in the middle of a blood fued between two men. Once friends, they now struggle for single dominance of the city. Will one of them wield you as a sword against the other, or will you refuse to take sides?

Dog City is a fully voiced and FULLY LIP-SYNCED mod. It's something I made to become familiar with the Geck, which I released as I thought others might find it enjoyable, as I did. It's in no way a real attempt at a DLC-quality mod.

The mod is loosely based on the original Van Buren designs for Denver. I took a lot of ideas from that material, but since Van Buren was never released, it's not strickly canon, so I could be creative.

To install, just extract the contents of the zip file to your New Vegas main directory. You don't need to download Update 2c, as all its changes are included in the Antivenom Fix. So just download the main file, and then overwrite dogcity3.esp with the new one in the Antivenom Fix. And remember to select dogcity3.esp in your load order.

When you first start the mod, you will receive a note and a new quest will start.

YOU DO NOT LOSE YOUR GEAR! It is in a suitcase, right next to the rocket, from the beginning of the mod.




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