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Weapon Mods Expanded

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Uploaded by Brother None - 07-25-2012
Author Author Antistar
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My Weapon Mod Kits (WMK) mod for Fallout 3 was the inspiration for Obsidian's implementation of the weapon modding system in Fallout New Vegas; something which I am quite proud of and flattered by. I like Obsidian's take on it; enough that I wanted to add to it... 'expand' upon it, you might say.

Weapon Mods Expanded (WMX) for Fallout New Vegas expands upon the base game's weapon modding system in the following ways:

- ALL weapons get the maximum of three applicable weapon mods; this includes unique weapons.
- Unique weapons can be modified with the same weapon mods as their common counterparts.
- Some existing weapon mods (from the base game) are newly applied to weapons besides their defaults...
- But many more are weapon mods newly added by WMX.
- Some weapon mods can be applied to multiple different weapons.
- New crafting possibilities for the more low-tech weapon mods (mainly melee weapon mods).
- Some unique weapons without a common counterpart (for example That Gun and This Machine) receive one.
- New and altered art assets to visually depict most of the new weapon mods.
- Chance to find weapon mods in loot.
- More weapon mods available from merchants (to compensate for more types being available).
- WMX also contains numerous fixes for visual bugs in weapon meshes and textures.




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