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Encounter Booster Fo2

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Uploaded by Odin - 11-04-2004
Author Author Haris/Miran
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Encounter boost is a fix for Fallout 2. Alot of people have too fast pc now days to actually encounter anything between towns on worldmap in Fallout 2.

Its just a tweaked Worldmap file. Place it inside fallout2/data/data/worlmap.txt foulder. It should look something like this C:/prgram files/blackisle/fallout/data/data/worlmap.txt asuming you have fallout 2 instaled on C: disk inside program files foulder. Old save files will work with this fix too.

It also works with all known Fallout 2 patches. So if you have patch000 it shouldnt be a problem. If you dont see no difference in encounters with the fix than try removing patch000 from your Fallout 2 folder.




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