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Fallout Update Mod v1.2.5 english version

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Uploaded by Silencer - 11-23-2005
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Update Mod for Fallout 1 v1.1 demo.
(This mod could be considered a Bug Fix so let's think
of it as a Fallout v1.2.5 creation attempt )

List of contents:
0. Motivation.
1. What's new?
2. Installation.
3. Known issues.
4. Credits.
5. LA as it intended to be, or the true story of the Boneyard (Microresearch).
6. Hints.

0. Motivation

I have played games from the Fallout series (Fallout1 and Fallout2) for a long
time. We have plenty of patches, updates, mods and etc. for Fallout2. But
Fallout 1 lacks all of these, except for the cheat-saves.
I've studied posts on (Wasteland Hellbringer's especially)
concerning characters and quests that never made it to release due to lack of
time or other Interplay's problems. Finally, I came with idea to make such a
mod that will bring Fallout 1 to the previously intended by the developrs form.

1. What's new?

Quests (3 new):
1: It's now possible to find a spy for the Children among Followers.
2: "Romeo and Juliette" quest in the Adytum.
3: It's possible to become a member of the Blades - all of these were
planned by developers (note that 2nd quest could be completed only after
the 3rd one)
1 miniquest - Can be obtained from Christopher the Bounty Hunter (added by
myself, after reading carefully and forum threads.)

O-oh. There is a bunch of new characters here. So I'll list them grouped
by the towns in order of appearance in the generic walkthrough:

Shady Sands
Elder - The Elder from Shady Sands
Ŕgatha - The old storyteller of Shady Sands, Agatha
Barterman - The Barterman from Shady Sands
Bodyguard - Only a bodyguard from Shady Sands for the Barterman

Bob - Bob from Junktown. Pretty much a dead beat
Hernandez - Mexican gambler in the Junktown

Rufus - cyberpunk (cyber hack in the Hub)
Den - psycho person who knows too much
Kyle - guide to the Used Cars map (it was my own idea to create this
character, because many times I have
Played the game to completion, and I hadn't a chance to get into that random
location: He will guide you there.)

Adytum (Regulators)
Julianna - beloved of Romero (Julianna from the Adytum)

Adytum (Blades)
Fire - Fire, second in command of the Blades
Beca/Jade - another person in charge with a lower rank (Beca and Jade.
Quartermistress of the Blades)
Dolgan - Dolgan, the weaponmaster from the Blades
Michelle - Michelle, leader of the scouts for the Blades
Romero - beloved of Julianna (Just a Blade in love w/ some chick in Adytum)
Dragon - Night watchman for the Blades

Adytum (Followers)
Alan - Brother Alan (Recent enthusiastic Follower convert)
Amber - The teacher for the Followers
Nail - Head of the Followers guard
Marney - The Doctor/Nurse of the Followers
Jake - second in command of the Followers
Peter - Head of the Follower's scouts
Heather - Heather, a spy for the Children
also Followers scouts and Followers guards

Uthern - Leader of the Super Mutant Scouts in Boneyard
Super Mutant - Generic Scout Super Mutant in the Boneyard

Brotherhood of Steel
Farli - a paladin (Farli from the Brotherhood of Steel)
Brenden - an initiate (New Initiate of the BOS)

Totals: 27 new characters (26 of Fallout authentic + 1 of my own) + 2 new
script groups.
Most of the scripts are left unaltered, only a quarter of them were modified
to conform game balance, and only 2 characters were made from scratch (Alan
and Rufus), because they had corresponding msg, but the here no int files.

2. Installation

Put RAR-archive to the directory where Fallout 1 is installed and unpack it
with the option to preserve (reproduce) directory structure (pathnames). Answer
"Yes to All" for any encountered file overwrite requests. The archive file can
be deleted after the installation. Now you are ready to begin the game .

Sample for newbies: For example, you have Fallout in the C:\Games\Fallou1\
(falloutw.exe resides there). Put mod archive in that folder and open it with
WinRAR. Press Alt+W or select "Extract without confirmation" at the right-click
menu. All necessary file will be placed in the \data subdirectory automatically.

3. Known issues

I need to mention that current version of the mod were compiled for and tested
with Fallout 1 v1.1 US release only. So I will not guarantee compatibility with
the other version of the game.

Issue #1
Fallout could fail to start-up and throw out a message like this: "...blah
blah blah program does not have enough space on the hard disk, free at least
20Mb". Meanwhile the free space could count thousands of Gigabytes (known
also as the "Large partition issue").
The easiest way is to simply reboot your computer, or you could edit your
fallout.cfg, which is more complex but sure way.
Find in the [system] subsection string free_space=20480 or something
similar, change value to 0 and save the file. Voila, that should help.

Issue #2
Some times (rare enough) the game could strangely lock-up (the screen is
black, but music and background sounds are still being played, after the
death of one of the newly added supermutants at the Followers map).
Solution: do not attempt to talk or take a fight with mutants as soon as you
see them, better go and make conversation with someone else first. It will
nearly 100 percent guarantee that troubles will not appear. (Consider this
issue fixed by Alchemist).

Issue #3
This can happen during conversation with Kyle, when your agree to travel
with him to the Used Cars shop. Black screen appears and the game crashes
to Windows. This error happens in rare cases and could be fixed if you
replace\scripts\ with the another version of this script
available here

Issue #4
Beca/Jade was intended to be a women, but her script is currently linked to
the black male in the blades map. This is temporary measure and should be
fixed in the next release.

Issue #5
The only correctly working person at the Vipers map is the gang leader.

Issue #6
Agatha won't tell you any of her stories because Interplay has not included
any of those. It's a demo anyway. We have to add the folklore ourselves in
the future.

More to come.

Please, report encountered bugs and errors in the corresponding thread of the forums. English speaking persons could refer to the special English
threads found there.

4. Credits

Wasteland Hellbringer from the forums. His research of the incomplete
Fallout features have inspired this work.
Ŕ also from the forums for 2 bugfixes necessary for Russian version
of the game only (inventory and military base computer troubles).
And also Team-X group (I'm a humble member of it for a long time), at least
some of the members, which have helped me a lot...
Celestial for the weapon patch, that fixes misbalanced .223 calibre.
Wasteland Ghost for improvement of Jarvis and Curtis characters from Shady Sands.
Alchemist for the improvement of mutant character named Uthern.

5. LA as it intended to be, or the true story of the Boneyard.

During my work with the update, I had to analyse not only the scripts and
dialogues of added characters, but all thing directly or indirectly related
with them. As a result, I acquired a desire to know how the Boneyard was really
intended to be. Among Regulator, Blades, Gun Runners and Followers were planned
another one band of the violent Reapers. And all these groups having uneasy
relationships. Blades wanted youre to destroy Regulators but not only them.
They also wanted you to slaughter all of the Rippers and bring back not the
head but the arm of the leader (Tangler). The Gun-Runners for some reason were
in urgent need to destroy all of the Followers with a megabomb, blown up in the
Library by our hero. They were in turn able to help you with some Follower
Invaders by adding temporary members to your party especially just for Children
of the Cathedral assault. (Adytum could be attacked with a help of Blades as
As you can see, the Rippers are not there. There is a Death Claw pack instead
of them.
All these variants of situation were described in many sources. Its a pity
that so much of interesting ideas left unimplemented.

6. Hints

It's possible to get "Romeo and Juliette" quest only if you have satisfied at
least one of the other Blades' requests already (Take care of the Regulators or
get weapons from Gun Runners fro example) and have a conversation with Jade/Beca
(which should assign you some status among Blades).
I leave all the rest for you to research, otherwise pleasure from the new
appearance of the old game will be lost. Good luck!

Pal 01.12.2004




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