Last Hope Mod v1.078

A Fallout 2 Total Conversion mod

  1. Forgotten Knight
    A Fallout 2 total conversion mod. A new independent story line which includes:
    - new, larger world map
    - changed encounters, adjusted difficulty
    - new Locations
    - new NPCs, dialogs, scripts
    - changed weapons look (some of them) and some new ones
    - new vehicles, not directly driveable but used to store items
    - new quest items
    - new quests
    - steal skill check when trying to view NPCs inventory with your steal skill
    - increased overall combat difficulty and barter prices (new)
    - food and hydration system (beta)

    Installation instructions are described inside the LHinfo file. Enjoy and have fun.
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Recent Reviews

  1. Biladier
    Version: 1.076
    Need To Fix Some Bugs :/
    1. Forgotten Knight
      Author's Response
      Thanks for your short review. Let me know in the mod forum section how can i improve this mod and help me make a better one.