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Thread: Weapon Tweak Aiming Bug

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    Weapon Tweak Aiming Bug

    Okay, so I'm proving a theory a friend of mine and I came up with - that adding "gatling" to anything automatically makes it better. So to test this theory, I decided to make a Gatling Fatman.

    Pretty simple - after extracting the mesh and texture BSA files, most of it's just a direct port of the Fatman's GECK details, with the rate of fire stuff modified to look more like the Gatling Laser's details.

    Problem is that in-game, the model is bugging slightly. It automatically starts aiming down.

    By this I mean the 1st person model is vertical (aimed down) until you fire and then it rights itself properly (although when firing, the gun is still pointing directly down). And in 3rd person mode, it stays aiming down even while you're firing - meaning you're firing 20 mini-nukes per second at your own feet (a minor inconvenience to most people to say the least!). Firing it off in VATS also winds up with similar results to firing it in third person.

    I've been over the Art and Sound tab and can't really find any reason why it'd be doing this.

    So, pertinent GECK details:

    Model: weapons\2handlauncher\fatman.nif
    1st Person Model Object: 1stPersonFatman
    Projectile: FatMan
    Impact Data Set: ScorchBigImpactDataSet
    Reload Anim: ReloadA
    HandGrip: DEFAULT
    Attack Anim: AttackLoop*
    AnimationType: TwoHandLauncher

    So where have I screwed up?

    *This is set to AttackLeft on a standard Fatman, but causes animation issues given the rate of fire of the Gatling Fatman.

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    Nevermind, I switched to the Gatling Laser model and it works fine now.

    If anyone wants to play with it, I've uploaded it here.

    Its GameID is 01000EA7, so just player.additem 01000EA7 1 and then spawn yourself as much mini-nuke ammo as you want to play with and you'll be right as rain. Just be sure not to fire it indoors.

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