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Thread: Tactics Character Color Editor

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    Tactics Character Color Editor

    This thread topic has been started before, but received no replies, and I have failed to find any validation from searches.

    I was wondering if there were any known editors that could change the player character's color? By color, I mean the 'other' colors you could choose from the character creation screen.

    I've learned that in order to play an edited prefab character or recruit, you would have need to have edited them with the entity editor -before- you start a new game. If you want to change any appearance of your character, you would have to restart.

    Would this be true with something as simple as the character's team color? To me, it seems like a character color would have a value that could be as easily manipulated as the character stats in a save game editor. But perhaps not?

    Just looking for confirmation on yes/no.

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    Anyone know of any possible way to edit the current character's colors without restarting?

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