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Thread: Fallout 3 Rare Package

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    Fallout 3 Rare Package

    Rare fallout 3 package online: Fallout 3 Collector Package

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    .......Good for you.
    Quote Originally Posted by Senna M
    Your experience was wrong.
    I was just lollygaggin one day, when I heard a guard shout "DIE YOU CRIMINAL SCUM". Then he shot an arrow in me knee & proceeded to attack me with curved swords. Curved. Swords.

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    I have a rare package. It's nsfw so I can't post it.

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    Quote Originally Posted by born2bebeheaded
    Buy it.
    No mr bossy
    Meri pyaas bujha aaja, mujhe ganga bana aaja
    Meri pyaas bujha mujhe ganga bana
    Kar pura vachan aaja

    Quote Originally Posted by warsaw
    Oh oh oh, can I contribute to this conversation!?

    Quote Originally Posted by Someone
    I have an opinion about a game.
    You're an idiot!

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