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Thread: Meantime concepts?

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    Meantime concepts?

    Now, I know Wikipedia has a reputation for bull, but I read this unsourced comment on the page for Meantime:
    "Some elements of the character designer were recovered and recycled in Fallout 3."
    And I was like............. What?

    So... anyone know anything about this? I searched the forum and Google and you'd be surprised how common a word "meantime" is.
    If anyone knows of a link that either confirms or denies this, I'd love some insight into this.

    Oh, and here's the Wikipedia link, just in case:


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    I never heard about this before, but think it is funny that I had a similar idea for a game. Almost exactly alike really.

    I think I will attempt to learn more about this. I would like to know more as well.

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