It's the second day of our Zone Archeology feature, this time bringing you the complete Koan's Gift package. Koan's Gift includes not only the design documents provided yesterday, but also location outlines, a storyline summary and... Well, let's just give you the details (per folder)


Infoportionts.doc - list of storyline clues the player will have access to
Линия Стрелка.doc - Strelok's storyline clues
Общая идея уровней.doc - general level outlines
Энциклопедия оружия.doc - table with weapon statistics


Contains documents outlining quests, characters, dialogues, events etc. in STALKER levels, from the Cordon to the Monolith War Lab.


Доделки по гэймплэю _final.doc - scenario outlines (combat, mostly)


01_Предыстория.doc - Zone backstory
02_Заставка.doc - outline for the first "act" of the game
03_Основные элементы.doc - one of the most interesting documents, contains background informations for factions and stalkers as well as transcripts of documents to be found in the game. Ever wondered how the secret labs reacted to the transition from Soviet to Ukrainian authority?
04_Скриптовые объекты схема.doc - Bar area outline, supposed to be a LOT more lively back then!
05_Случайные квесты схема.doc - randomly generated sidequests
Сюжет_коротко.doc - revised storyline and ending propositions, including a subversion (Monolith) ending, where the player ends up crucified. Really.
Сюжет_литературный.doc.doc - another storyline revision, with more background on the Sin and Clear Sky factions, as well as the addition of the Journalist character and missing children plot
Сюжет_технический.doc - a more technical breakdown of the plot, more information on dreams, anomalies, artifacts and anomalies etc.


Прохождение игры.doc - another storyline outline, this time apparently the penultimate one, with more document transcripts. These fill in the blanks and make the Agroprom report we find in Shadow of Chernobyl make sense!


all_video.doc - Video descriptions, complete with endings. About half of the document is in English
all_video_RUS.doc - same as above, except completely Russian.


stalker.doc - design overview and gameplay rundown
Level design documents - progress and quest summaries for individual levels


Прохождение игры.doc - another storyline overview with document transcripts. As interesting as the other ones
Unless otherwise noted, documents involved in the package are in Russian. However, Google Translate is surprisingly useful in making them understandable to English-speaking people, enough to grasp what the hell Oblivion Lost and early Shadow of Chernobyl were really about...

This concludes day two of our Zone Archaeology. Tomorrow's an anarchic day...