Did Myron invent jet?

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    I doubt he didn't but it's not entirely implausible to think that he didn't. Completely removing Bethesda from your mind you can still gather some evidence he could be lying. The chosen one has a dialogue option to call out his story on how he invented jet to be bullshit. I still doubt he didn't invent it though because what would be the point in testing on all those slaves if that's not how it works? I don't know. How do you personally reason that he did or did not invent jet?
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    He has a superiority complex. He would never lie about something he didn't do, it would be beneath him.

    EDIT: Also, if he had found a formula to make Jet, or got it from someone else. He would be the first to let you know about how someone made Jet, but he improved it several times over and made it way better, because he is superior to the creators. It's just the kind of person Myron is.
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    Next time u will ask if the master really created the unity, because some later title will disregard canon ?
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    I recall discussing this with someone who didn't think there were any serious retcons in the series. Basically they thought that aromatic amphetamines were being mass produced via cow feces.

    I told them no, I'm pretty sure they had pharmaceutical grade speed and everything. And in the lore: accidentally making psychoactive meat was bad for business. As in, not something used to manufacture drugs. Food is expensive to make, beef in particular. The economics don't make any sense.

    Plus, the manure from feeding said aforementioned tainted beef to cows was rather fatal to humans, as indicated by Myron's experiments. He states that it was "not on purpose" and was motivated to avoid killing them because "slaves are expensive", and thus it made the Mordinos mad.

    Plus, why and how in the hell would the Mordinos get their hands on the exact same make and model of inhaler...which had no Jet in it...and coincidentally put Jet which they coincidentally called Jet into it? And what's the reason for it not being in the first title? Obviously it was always intended to be a wasteland invention.