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    How many times has China used it's security council veto? 6? 8? No more than 10 times anyhow. Hell even Russia, as antagonistic as she can be, has vetoed less than the US.

    I'm not saying you're wrong; yet I reckon an awful lot of people on this planet think 'the fuck!' every time the States veto’s some pretty sensible resolution regarding Israel.

    Just an example, like.

    This would normally be when I'd start playing Devil's advocate, and aid my comrade donperkan. However, the little I know about the former conglomeration of Southern Slavs tells me it would be hopeless struggle. Sorry comrade.


    Sorry, missed that - and I agree with it.

    On another note, what I've always liked about NMA are the political threads, which - apart from the anally cyclic gun control and religion threads - have been rare recently. Now there are two, both started by yours truly. Don't I make nice things happen?
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    I don't think so because it relates very well to the experience Sena made and to things I remember from talking with Serbians I know. Some of which have ben born in Serbia and are still living there. I have read much about the history and I am trying to constantly teach my self about the subjects that have lead to the civil war. Do I know everything? Certainly not.

    But it makes me sad when people come in claiming that Yugoslavia was some kind of successful socialistic paradise.
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    What you heard was only one side of the story. Which makes sense those that moved abroad were left with a bitter tease. If you are seeking knowledge you won't find it in history books, at least i couldn't find it. I don't know about the other countries from the former federation but Croatian history books don't cover a lot about that period. Atomkilla said he experienced the same thing and i can only imagine what goes on in Slovenia. Kids can't learn from past mistakes if they are not taught.

    Anyway believe it or don't, i don't care. This discussion is pointless just as it is pointless tu argue that fallout 3 was not a bad game.
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    Awww, don't be sad. For a lot of Poles Yugoslavia was that - the only paradise they were allowed to visit... even though it was socialist. Was it because of the sunny skies, or because the manholes were level with the asphalt on the streets? Who knows?

    Hell, even the German Fucking Democratic Republic was more posh than the next socialist state over. The same DDR the Bundesrepublik poured nearly $2,000,000,000 into [1], and still hasn't achieved the same economic KPIs as the former West German lands. Not that it stopped any of the Ostalgie.
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    yeah I know quite a few polish people. And I don't know any of them which did not had to go trough a lot of shit in their life. Tough little nation. So much for sure.
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    A minor correction: my family never lived abroad for any length of time. I was born in Yugoslavia, was still a boy when it collapsed, and lived almost all of my life in the newly-independent Croatia. Which I left a year ago in order to move to the US and start my PhD there.

    Speaking of which, the anniversary of my arrival to the Land of the Free is three days from now. To celebrate I'm going to stuff myself with burgers and apple pie, and wash it all down with Bud Light. Fuck yeah!