Zen's 1.5 Decade Long Running Fallout System

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    Feb 14, 2018
    So, I'm not much for forums but I've always wanted to post some of the work I've done here...
    We have been running a Fallout PnP game for over a decade and a half and I've found that the generic system needed some augmentations to better accommodate my players so I'm uploading some of it here. Just a note about myself and my work: Although there is ALOT of original work it is in NO WAY 100% MINE. There is a ton of copy-pasted ideas, system pieces, and artwork. This is a collaboration and although I would love to site all of my sources for content and ideas, at this point, I just don't remember them all. Soo if you see something in here not credited to you feel free to let me know. Beyond that feel free to use away :)

    Link to Box with all the files:

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    Zen Potter First time out of the vault

    Feb 14, 2018
    Some major rule differences:

    Damage is taken in a WoD style with slashes, exes, and stars but also numerically to determine how many are received. Example: A character with an EN of 5 and no armor takes 15 Impact damage (15{IM Damage}/5{Effective EN}=2 slashes) Example 2: A character with a 5 EN and armor that provides 5 piercing EN takes 29 Piercing damage (29{PI Damage}/10{Effective EN}=2.9 which gets rounded to 2 slashes)
    As a character levels the amount of available hitboxes goes up but how much each is worth is dependant on Endurance and Armor.
    Damage seems complicated at first but ends up being fairly simple with a little practice

    Each Skill is broken out into 6 Sub-Skills which are used for rolling actions. Each point put into a skill gives you 3 sub skill points to spend but no sub skill may exede 2x the main skill. Also for every 25 points put into a Skill all Sub-Skills go up 5.