Fallout 3 Will Suck

Found on a random forum, original creator St. Toxic<br />
Masterful reproduction of the...
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Fallout 3 vs Aliens For those of you who still think it wasn't OK ;) Fallout Faithful Super Mutant Comparison Black Isle Grave Vault Suit....again Bethesda Piece of Fallout - Iron Maiden Piece of Mind Failout 3 Fallout Fantasy Fallout 3 with Aliens anti B* promo Bethesda Piece of Fallout - High Fallout 3 Will Suck Aliens Invaded Capital Wasteland wanna rock nevermind
Found on a random forum, original creator St. Toxic
Masterful reproduction of the Nazi-era propaganda poster called "Liberators": http://www.datejesus.com/american-liberators.jpg
In the album Fallout 3 Parodies
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