Fallout: Back to U.S.S.R.

Screen from a Fallout pocket-game<br />
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&quot;Fallout: Back to U.S.S.R.&quot;...
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Screen from a Fallout pocket-game

"Fallout: Back to U.S.S.R." (working title) is a game project, based on the FPPC engine, telling us a story about what happened on the other side of the world on post-nuclear Russia territory. Without vaults mutation rates and peoples destiny is much more severe here. You will play one of the apocalypse survivor and find your role in the plot of an organisation calling themselves - neocommunists. Will you decide to stop the raising plague of a new society based on Lenin and Stalin testaments or join the ranks of those who is building a new "bright future" on the ashes of nuclear war? Destiny is yours, tovarish!
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