Fallout:POS DeeDeeDee20 Cover Pic, GluttonCrapper Edition

So far, there&#039;s three+ separate explanations:<br />
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Tensen01 (one of the so-called...
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So far, there's three+ separate explanations:

Tensen01 (one of the so-called artists): They do not understand the idea of people adding their own ideas to it. If it's ot just like the Game it's not good.[sic] Of course, being fanboys they must be contrary no matter what. Were the book to use nothing but art from the game they'd say "But where's the new art? Why didn'y you have artists draw new stuff." It is simply the nature of the Fanboy. And contrary to popular belief the Fanboy is not the target audience... It never should be. All that causes is unoriginal material and lack of imagination.

(AKA, "Fuck you, we don't have to stick to canon!")

GluttonCrapper, full of shit as usual and looking to fill with more: The illustrations that the artist have done are surpurb and done in a 50's style. The cover is based off of models from the game, to show interested players what to expect. (Rosh: We're expecting shit, then.) We will defend our artist team, development team, and playtest teams as they are doing a great job finding issues in the mechanics and editing/canon issues and making this an overall great product.

(AKA, "It IS 50's and DOES stick to canon!")

Chris Petersen (another so-called artist):
As you know, Fallout is a blend of both Mad Max and 50's sci-fi. The cover is obviously leaning more towards the Mad Max (post-apocalypse) side of things. That's all there is to it. We were trying to create a movie poster feel to the cover artwork and I think this was achieved very successfully.

Have a little faith. We've tried to stick to canon while also drawing in our own styles (so that we can create the strongest work we possibly can). Previous Fallout artists would have done exactly the same. We've critiqued each others' work and edited accordingly so that things stay as true to the Fallout games as possible.

(AKA, "We went off, did our own shit, while claiming to stay true to the Fallout games and the styles therein, just like every asshat
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