Fallout:POS DeeDeeDee20 Cover Pic

How GluttonCrapper treats their &quot;lincensed&quot; material.<br />
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Spot the errors...
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How GluttonCrapper treats their "lincensed" material.

Spot the errors even if the GluttonCrapper "artists" can't!

1. Turbine engines.
2. Orcish super-mutant with smooth skin and smooth brow.
3. Art style looks like a modern movie poster instead of the retro pulpish feel inherent to Fallout's design.
4. Modern-looking artillery, rather than a futuristic extrapolation of WWII-ish models. Questionable presence in the game, since artillery really wasn't that featured in any title or location, or even the Great War, or afterwards.
5. Guns akimbo.
6. Mangled Fo1 PA helmet on top of FOT PA shoulders.
7. Vault 13 vault suits suddenly have shoulder and elbow pads! Probably kneepads, too, knowing how GluttonCrapper got the "lincense".
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