President Elect

"He called hisself da President, and he'd dare anybody to call him otherwise. Wandered...
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"He called hisself da President, and he'd dare anybody to call him otherwise. Wandered in to da St. Louis area with those stars already painted to dat suit, already calling hisself "President", already with a way about him like he had purpose, and in not more 'n three years he had hisself quite a little kingdom.

First, he took control of da Mudpack Raider crew, challengin' their leader, Scuzz, for control, and then breakin' old Scuzz's neck. Next, I believe he moved in on da Silverbacks, and from there he schemed and fought til he had all o' St. Louis under his thumb. President had a piece o' everything going on in St. Louis durin' dat time, and you'd think dat'd be enough for a man, but you'd be wrong.

You see, once he had one city, he declared he was on a mission to tame da entire Mississippi. So he and his army o' raiders headed out down that river on rafts and watercrafts of all kinds, and as sure as I'm ancient we never saw a single one of 'em again.

Myself, I'm in da habit o' believin' dat dat President n' his raidin' crew met their end out on that river. You know, there are things in dat water could swallow an army whole, and I reckon dat's exactly what happened."

- Grimes, traveling ghoul on the legend of "The President"
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