Vault Boy featuring in Ghostbusters

Renee Chio,
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Solitary Sunset Diabolic's tribute to Fallout patriot_41: Fire Geckos were not what Smiley meant You see dead raider Paladin Lady The Vault! Vault 13 is SOL Vault Boy featuring in Ghostbusters orig iso room pic of pen drawing Land art 4 Wastelander 1 Alternate "Wasteland 2" logo - version 2 No, just smoking over here... Surfers Promo 3 W2 fan-art Merchant main
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Renee Chio,
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  1. Cistern Logic
    Cistern Logic
    Move over Liberty Prime, Here comes Vault Boy! LOL! That's really cool. Reminds me of the 'Sta-Puff Marshmallow Man' in the 80's Comedy "Ghost Busters" :D