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Long time ago when i was young i saw on the black market the VHS cassete with animations film...
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Rick Lion
Long time ago when i was young i saw on the black market the VHS cassete with animations film (yes... i been very progressive child and know what hidden under the term "black market" from an early age. If my ma & pa know about it - they probably punish me... i think so... but is not happen).

VHS cassete have a name "Space Adventure Cobra" 1982. Of course i buy it. One more time after that learned how important music. When the Fallout was released with Mark Morgan music. Then I knew nothing about the Fallout.

Official movie trailer:
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In the "Space Adventure Cobra" i first heard the unique music tracks by YELLO - "Night Train" & "Do it". Perfect animation film, beautiful music... it's blow my head.
In USSR people knew little about the countries abroad, little know about the work of artists, musicians and writers. It was a strange time. All these pieces of other people's worlds can be bought only on the black markets. It was real treasure and big problem for owners of it's culture treasures. I remember a time when people got in prison for having sold these pieces of another life.

"Night Train" & "Do it" by YELLO on my new Facebook Cover.

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