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  1. Graham2077
    Probably because all there is to say about FO3 has already been said.
    Jul 7, 2016
  2. Izak
    I'm trying as hard as I can to remember a ghoul that didn't require food, water and air in Fallout 3, but I can't remember any (actually, I explicitly remember seeing a ghoul water beggar, which is quite contrary to Kid in the fridge), do you mind reminding me where he/she is?
    Jul 7, 2016
  3. Brivoo
    I'm thinking specifically of Keller Senior in the National Guard Depot, who survived for 200 years in a basically empty bunker as a Glowing One. There's also a bunch of ghouls in some of the metro tunnels which are functionally trapped without any resources yet seem to be doing perfectly fine, such as those in the irradiated metro.
    Jul 7, 2016
  4. Black Angel
    Black Angel
    I think it's more of because, that topic with the fridge? It has been made fun of, out-loud and clearly, in New Vegas by way of Wild Wasteland trait. In a stroke of genius (or stupidity) Bethesda decided to make it something 'possible' and, in turn, something canon in Fallout Universe.
    Jul 7, 2016