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  1. eissa
    Oh cool, you like absinthe i guess?
    Nov 6, 2017
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  2. Ben Soto
    Ben Soto
    I've tried vodka. It... did not go well...

    Hardest liquor I've ever been able to put down is Bailey's and Kahlua.
    Nov 6, 2017
  3. Einhanderc7
    I like Vodka, calling another person a pussy because of a beverage only limits what you can enjoy.
    Nov 6, 2017
  4. Jogre
    Nov 6, 2017
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  5. zegh8578
    I had my share of vodka back-in-the-day. Vodka is manly. Hardest I had though was pure local moonshine, right from the bottle. I was awful that night. Won't go into detail. I bled on people. for fun.
    Nov 6, 2017
  6. R.Graves
    Don't care what the strongest alcohol is the only kind I like is whiskey and smirnoff. ..
    Nov 6, 2017
  7. Crni Vuk
    Crni Vuk
    Alcohol is the strongest alcohol.

    Nov 6, 2017
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  8. zegh8578
    We just call that "ninety six" up north
    You pour a lil dab on your hand, and watch it evaporate before your eyes. Good stuff
    Nov 6, 2017
  9. Valdetiosi
    Is booze any better?
    Nov 7, 2017