F2wedit ver

The tool for edit/create items PRO files in Fallout 1 and Fallout 2.

  1. update to support new Energy flag in Fallout2 to weapon protos (sfall 4.2/3.8.0).

    F2wedit will support new "Energy Weapon" flag to weapon protos, added in sfall 4.2/3.8.20 (thx to NovaRain).

    This flag will force the weapon to use Energy Weapons skill regardless of its damage type.

    If both "Big Gun" and "Energy Weapon" flags are set, the game will ignore Big Gun flag (i.e. EW flag has higher priority).

    Checkbox "Energy" is visible only with Fallout2 game. When Fallout1 is selected the checkbox Energy is not visible (because this flag is not supported in Fallout1).

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