Fallout 2 - Proto Manager v1.2.1

Items and critters prototype file editor for Fallout2

  1. Fallout - Proto Manager v1.2.1

    Changes v1.2.1:
    • Added a button to play attack sound effects for weapons.
    • Fixed the Weapon SoundID control that doesn't allow you to specify a custom parameter value.
    • Added an indicator of the current keyboard language on the toolbar.
    • Added support for reading non-original. dat files in Fallout 1 format.
    • Fixed the appearance of a white border on the edges of the sprite when zooming the sprite image.
    • Some cosmetic changes to the editor interface.
    Changes v1.2.0:
    • Added a selection of Fallou1 and Fallout2 formulas for calculating statistics and skills for criteria.
    • Added display of missing or damaged pro files in listings.
    • Added changing the language folder to the game's text files.
    • Added native support for extracting files from packaged. dat files (without using the dat2 console utility), which accelerated the launch and operation of the editor.
    • Some minor fixes bug.
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