Inventory Filter v2.0.0

Plugin for Fallout 2 games.

  1. Mr.Stalin
    • Quickly find ammo for weapons from a ton of garbage in inventory - if you press the middle mouse button on the "Ammo" and "Weapon" menu button, these items will be displayed simultaneously in the inventory.
    • Clicking the middle mouse button on the "Weapon" button will display only Guns type weapons.
    • Money is always shown from above when bartering.
    • Displays the weight values for items in the selected category, as well as the number of caps the merchant has in barter.
    • "Drop All" button.
    • Keyboard hot keys for switching between the selected categories.
    The plugin v2.0 works with new sFall versions starting from v4.2.8.1

    ATTENTION: For the filter to work correctly, you need to enable the AllowUnsafeScripting option in the ddraw.ini configuration file (enabled automatically when installed).

    Resolution in the game is recommended to set at least 720x480.

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