Last Hope mod v1.085

Fallout 2 mod

  1. Forgotten Knight
    This is a total conversion mod for Fallout 2.

    Last Hope:
    You wake up in the Execution Chambers of a prison and, due to a total amnesia, are granted a second chance - or so you've been told. After fighting your way through a number of trials to prove your right to freedom, you'll be allowed to enter a new part of the fallout world, free, but with a task to find and eliminate a group of escaped convicts, a task that may put the entire wasteland at risk...

    Main features of this mod are:
    - new "mountain terrain" world map
    - 17 new Locations (3 cities, 3 towns, 6 settlements, 3 Ruins and 2 maps)
    - new NPCs, dialogues, scripts and quests
    - new vehicles, not directly roadworthy but the trunk can be used to store items
    - new items and weapons
    - new main story
    - checking the inventory of NPCs requires a steal roll
    - adjusted combat difficulty and barter prices (new)
    - automatic consumption of water & food rations, hunger & thirst system (new)


    Mod install guide:
    Please follow these steps to install this mod. This mod should NOT be used with any other item, location or weapons mod. Any such mixing of mods could lead to unexpected errors. Do not even try to replace sfall and *.exe unless you are 100% sure what you're doing.

    Copy the following files from your Fo2 installation into the "Last Hope mod 1.083" folder:
    -data/sound/music (copy the contents of music into the music folder of LH)
    Then start by clicking the LHmod.exe inside the LH folder and... 've fun!

    Important 1: this mod is optimized for high_res mod "V4.1.8" and sfall "v4.3.7"
    although these are not (necessarily) the latest versions, I got the desired results with them, using anything else
    will most likely corrupt your game.