Last Hope Mod v1.082

A Fallout 2 Total Conversion mod

  1. Last Hope mod V1.081

    Forgotten Knight
    New update which includes the following fixes:

    -Miners town missing wall blockers, corrected**
    -Eric's unarmed fight job, reduced difficulty
    -Corrected some mapping errors, Golden Valley**
    -Fixed scripting error which allowed player to sneak in Basil's basement**
    -Added an additional solution for Jim's "situation"
    -Minor script and map tweaks, MRC
    -UMB location, level 2, corrected roof tiles glitch. Changed yellow pass key location**
    -Playing with less intelligent <4 character is no longer possible as it caused dialog errors

    Special thanks to our NMA community for testing and reporting bugs and glitches, once again you made my "job" easier.
    Update 12.7.2019:
    Big update is being worked on, 1.083, with lots of stability and balance changes.
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