MIB88 Megamod Currently at version 2.46

New content, game play enhancements and more!

  1. Megamod 2.46 (Full Repack)

    Version 2.46 of the Megamod is now available.

    This version of the game may or may not work with previously saved games. In some cases you may have to be entering a map for the first time to notice changes/fixes.

    Changes/Fixes made since version 2.45.4:

    -Numerous dialog and grammar fixes
    -Added latest version of sfall (version 3.7b)
    -Car can be recharged again (bug added with previous version of sfall)
    -The broken ladder in Klamath that leads to the basement still no longer usesall ropes in the player character's inventory. Only one rope is used.
    -Changes to Scraptown
    ---Added a fix to the dog to prevent a potential bug
    ---Heavy weapons removed
    -Added head artwork for party members and some other significant NPCs in the game
    -Added more of Endocore's character enhancements
    -Fixes to Broken Hills
    ---Many bugs fixed in relation to Broken Hills quests and other matters (Endocore)
    ---Added "use science on" Marcus (Endocore)
    ---Re-added dialog that was accidentally removed from Marcus for Vault 14 and his armor
    ---Fixed bug with Chad which prevented Marcus from joining your party
    ---Fixed bug with the missing townspeople which may have prevented Marcus from joining your party
    ---Quest involving Chad can now be completed
    -Added a few more additions from the RP
    -Added a number of static talking heads from Drobovik
    -Added static talking head from Continuum
    -Changes to Skynet
    ---Bug fixes from Endocore
    ---Item usage and "use science on" added (Endocore)
    -Fixes/Changes to Sulik (from Drobovik, Killap, and Josan12)
    ---Some new dialog
    ---New background art
    ---Corrected background art that was showing up for wrong locations
    ---New floats added
    ---New talking head art
    -Fixes/Changes to Vic
    ---Corrected dialog
    ---New background art
    ---Corrected background art that was showing up for wrong locations
    ---New floats added
    ---New talking head art
    -Added enhanced version of Miss Kitty from RP/Endocore
    ---Changed how party members are accounted for when receiving "services"
    ---Added more party members to list who can receive "services"
    ---Added static head
    -Added a functional flashlight (something that can be held in your hands that will actual increase light level and help with combat at night), thanks to VonZorch
    -Changes to Modoc blacksmith
    ---Increased amount of ore it takes to make certain items
    ---He now properly removes ore used to upgrade metal armor
    -Corrected background art that was incorrectly showing up for many locations
    -Corrected scripting issues with getting car parts repaired
    -removed the possiblity of getting two sets of armors from some killed critters

    1. Add the contents of the archive to your main Fallout 2 folder.
    2. Run the ProcessDat2.exe file to update your master.dat file.
    3. Update your ddraw.ini (and other .ini files) to the settings you want.
    4. Enjoy your game.
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