Per's "The Nearly Ultimate Fallout Guide" 1.1

Offline "backup" of Per Jorner's "The Nearly Ultimate Fallout Guide" site.

  1. Muttie
    Version: 1.1
    Good idea, and nicely done,
    I really like this, Per's guides are quite an institution and pretty useful. Probably the most complete and thorough guides for FO1 & FO2 (even Sduibek wrote he's still using Per's guide when working on Fallout Fixt. And it can't get much better than that.). Plus this offline version is not only another save-fail but also rather convenient & handy.

    I've posted the above already on the guide for FO2 and just as it applied there, this guide could also be eventually updated to an alternative version including the Fallout Fixt additions/changes by someone with Per's thoroughness and commitment.
    The only difference is that an update of the guide to Fallout Fixt makes a bit less sense as I assume Sduibek will upgrade the mod again, (and even convert it to the FO2 engine?), plus there are not that many changes yet. Save some changed game-mechanics like starting items, red force fields can be destroyed with explosives, some melee weapon adjustments etc., and some new additions that are still few enough to list them:

    (Lorri affair (needs CH 7+ & IN 6+), Tandi affair (needs CH 8+ & IN 6+), the Uzi in Vault 15 on lvl 2 (LK test?), Necropolis (with high enough repair the computer desk on the motel map can be repaired and then used for XP). Bob/Junktown (not implemented?). Spy/Followers (there isn't more to it than just killing the spy (Heather). Most important is probably that further dialogue with Talius becomes impossible when starting the quest). Hooker/Hub (does not count Tandi, Mr. Handy or Dogmeat as companions). Sammael/Boneyard (200 caps if reporting back to him). Merchant/Shady Sands (new trade option). Agatha/Shady Sands (didn't work for me). Michael/Brotherhood (Deliver 3 Grenades to Sophia & report back). Iguana Bob/Hub (the option to have him arrested). And probably some other I've missed. And the changelog lists several adjustments of varying significance.

    But the biggest issue is probably that Fixt comes in three installations (purist, half-purist, full) allowing players to customize, which makes it harder to create an “ultimate” guide for it. (Personally I think that the full version of Fixt could be considered as standard (Sduibek seems reasonable enough judging by the changelog comments) but that's probably much more problematic when going into debates on standards for invasion-timers, operations and books restock (and such things).
    Still a Fallout Fixt guide based on Per Jorner's Nearly Ultimate Guide would be neat too (eventually).
    But it's not as pressing as the update to the RP Mod (yet).