Sfall Script Editor v4.1.7.RC1

A script editor for classic game Fallout 2

  1. Mr.Stalin
    Sfall Script Editor (Extended version)
    A script editor for classic game Fallout 2. Allows to edit and compile SSL scripts in a convenient way.


    • Advanced SSL syntax highlighting
    • SSL code tooltips for most built-in scripting functions as well as user-defined procedures and variables
    • Basic code auto-completion
    • Browse all procedures and variables in current script
    • Some basic code editor features like auto-indent, indent selected text, etc.
    • Quick view of MSG files associated with NPC/object scripts
    • Quick compilation using external command-line compiler
    • Full support for advanced scripting using sfall (extended SSL language)
    Extended features:
    • Code block completion for keywords if/ifel/elif/switch/while/for/foreach. (by pressing the Tab key).
    • Improved search by the code of the script, with the possibility of highlighting the selected words.
    • Highlighting syntax errors in the code script.
    • Building a flowchart for visualization of node connections the dialogue system, with the ability to quickly edit nodes.
    • Preview the dialog with the possibility basic testing directly in the script editor.
    • Interactive tree all used functions and macros.
    • Opening of compiled scripts packed in fallout dat-archive.
    • Support for decompiling associated .int files of Fallout 1/2 scripts.
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    Version: v4.1.7.RC
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    Version: v4.1.3.580
    Usefull and excellent tool :)