Sfall Script Editor v4.1.7.RC1

A script editor for classic game Fallout 2

  1. Sfall Script Editor v4.1.7.RC

    Changes: (translate)
    • Added the "Save All" button to the main panel.
    • Added auto-detection of the current language for tooltips at the first launch of the editor.
    • Added auto-updating of the error log when switching tabs will now occur when there are errors during parsing or compilation.
    • Added the .cfg extension for opening files of this type in the editor.
    • Added a special comment form /** **/ for displaying macro descriptions.
    • Added a hotkey for creating procedures.
    • Added search for dialog .msg files in subfolders of alternative file paths.
    • Added saving search paths and search words for Advanced Search.
    • Added display of the "Batch Compiler" window tab on the taskbar.
    • Added a function for renaming globally-defined macros.
    • Added an additional button to the menu bar for updating parser data.
    • Improved and fixed bulk compilation of scripts for multi-stream mode, and added the Short Circuit Evaluation parameter.
    • Improvement of the module for building dialog diagrams.
    • Added the ability to edit the template code when adding a new node in the dialog node editor.
    • Removed the modality of the script registration window, now the window can be minimized.
    • Improvements and bug fixes in the form of creating procedures with arguments.
    • Fixed not always working Drag&Drop function for opening files.
    • Fixed saving files that are not .ssl,. h, and. msg in their original encoding.
    • Fixed font size in auto-completion list tooltips for non-Tahoma fonts.
    • Fixed a crash when moving procedures in the procedure Navigator when existing procedure arguments were displayed.
    • Fixed clearing the compilation log when using the "RoundTrip" menu command.
    • Correction of various errors in the dialog diagram building module.
    • Fixed an error when trying to open an associated script message file for file types other than. ssl
    • Fixed incorrect display of Unicode characters in macro pop-up information when reading *. h files.
    • Fixed updating of name and file Declaration data in procedures and variables when the script was saved under a different name.
    • Fixed the behavior and splitting of the document with the "Split" function when the focus disappeared from the active text area.
    • Fixed a bug when decompiling scripts when decompiling scripts took a long time.
    • Fixed clearing the list of current errors in the script when compiling the script successfully.
    And many other minor fixes.
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