“Save Jericho” Petition

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    May 16, 2006
    Hey man! I was actually wondering your reason for why you would cancel the show if you had the chance. I recently started watching it after I saw this post on NMA. I think the show has some pretty cool ideas and what not. What parts about it make it so bad? I trust your opinion on this subject considering what you have posted in the past. Your game your working on and as well as your taste in movies. Please fill me in on why this is such a bad show. I've only watched about 3 episodes. I really like the idea but I wish the show was more harsh and gritty rather then everything always ending with a good feeling. Thats what I've had a problem with so far. Just wondering what you and anyone else thought so far.
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    May 5, 2007
    I guess the fans didn't supply enough nuts.
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    May 5, 2006
    I'll give you an example of what bothers me about it.

    Early on in the first season, the town of Jericho is realizing that they need to restructure the economy; the American Dollar doesn't have the value it once did, there's no supply of gasoline coming in, and most jobs that people had before are now useless. Questions of ownership and collective necessity come into play.

    But neither side states their cases passionately. The private property owners are just being 'selfish' - they're no recognition that this selfishness can be resolved through the capitalist system, the way it was before. (What happens is that the shopkeeper is charging too much for her pesticide, so the farmer jacks up the price of his corn to ridiculous levels - both try and get the city government to force the other to do something; neither recognize that they can achieve a new price that's equitable, and to both their benefit).

    At the same time, given the disaster situation, some heavy handed policies would be necessary to maintain peace and order; gasoline especially, being so much more finite than it was before, would no longer be something that could be treated as private property - no more than air or water are nowadays (in that you can't pollute without regard for the people down stream).

    But instead of the characters resolving these difficulties by falling back to science, economics, and reason - instead of having an interesting look at how normal people would change their behaviour into a sort of militaristic organization - we have a pretty speech from the main character about how everybody should be nice to eachother, and evidently they sleep it off and somehow resolve it in the morning.

    But despite porblems like these, I find other parts of the show captivating.
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    Apr 26, 2007
    It's not so survival post apoc style but I enjoyed watching it.
    So many time, watching the episodes, I thought how it may be in a Fallout or MadMax behavior.
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    May 8, 2007
    In the beginning at least you get a promise. Watch some more episodes. You'll see that nothing of interest happens 99% of the time.

    Jericho is not a post-apocalyptic show, its a show about resolving tremendous everyday survival conflicts such as who stepped on whose foot and whether it was by accident.

    They simply used the nuclear premise to get a chance to isolate one little sandbox (sadly, not literally) where their atrocious writers can play out their very serious angsty dramas where everyone is really upset at first (aww) but then there's hugsies in the end (yay!).

    This show commits the cardinal sin of continuously forcing ridiculous conflicts that could be resolved by a few simple words that people would naturally say in real life, but they can't say on the show, because hey, there would be no conflict ! Let's all act like retards instead !

    George Lucas' CGI puppets are more genuine than the cardboard automatons they got stumbling around the not-so-desolate landscape. It's like watching a high school stage performance that someone for some reason decided warranted to be on TV.

    I still wonder how it ever made it to television and what potentially better show could be occupying its place if it hadn't. I say "potentially better" because the odds are stacked that way, considering the quality of this one.
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