13V (1.0.2 full version, updated 1st of July 2021)

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    Thanks for clarifying! Well it's an old mod that has been made easier to access, that's worth a mention I think? I can see that people have had problems before with the install.

    e: Unless you object of course!
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    At your discretion.

    And I will prepare the design for the first post.
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    Please, update first post from this file

    Lich: 13v Mod (Fallout 2)
    Name: 13v (mod for Fallout 2)
    Version: 1.0.2
    Language: US \ RU
    Author: Lich
    Website: NMA
    Copyright: Bethesda Softworks LLC.
    13v - Its Fallout 1 remake, or parody. Every npc have funny dialogs, there is few quests that lead to alternative game ending (mostly funny disaster). Quests are usually solved by find specific item (and its hidden in map), alternative endings.

    Lich: This mod is total conversion, alternate vision of Fallout1. It may look bit like low-budget parody but this style is result of my brainstorms about efficient way to make such big mod. At first point am deicided to explore more mapper possibilities instead of create any new graphics. Secondary, found that battles suck compare to later Fallout Tactic and deicided focus almost entirely on its best part; adventure. This lead me to two major problems later: how make big amount of scripts and dialogs.. above hundread of them! Writing scripts is relative fast, but not their testing thats why deicided to use the same copy of script for most of NPC with small different details in quests. Last obstacle was dialogs, huge amount of text could easy bore to death even toughest book reader. Thats why everywhere I put jokes, and plot is pretty crazy, often lead to unpredictable situations. Also am focus on replayability, and my concept is even better from classic game. There is no one destiny of player, every choices put him in different places where adventure end.
    Log (Updates\included mods):
    13v changes:
    Installation method:
    • Install Fallout 2.
    • Run 13v (follow the instructions)
    • Default, installation takes place in a subfolder and does't overwrite the original! [C:\Games\Fallout 2\MOD].
    • To install in the game directory, please, change the path and enable checkbox "Root directory mode".
    • Ok, well done.
    Helpful links:
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    Yes, yes, fine. I would like to ask you to not abuse the fucking report function just to get this done quicker; I also have a job that I need to do from time to time, and I'm sorry for the delay, but sometimes it might take a day or two until I can do your bidding.
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    Would probably be easier to just make a new thread and link to the old one.