Fallout 2 mod 13V (see Downloads or later posts for updates)

Discussion in 'Fallout General Modding' started by Lich, Jul 16, 2009.

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    Jan 2, 2008
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    Sep 14, 2009
    I tried but suffered the same problem as you. :?
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    Oct 1, 2006
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    Thanks JaW . it's fine very fine
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    Mar 14, 2010

    Bravo to Lich on his V13 mod, a soundly entertaining game which is at the same time thoroughly innovative in the exercise of modcraft and continues to build upon the author's experiments such as those found in Black Steel et al. Clearly the game is satire, and should be judged in its attempt to be what it is rather than for what it is not. In this respect, I think the mod is one of the most charming games I've played in some time (Fallout-related or not)-- reminiscent of the zaniness of Zak McKraken, the jocularity of Jessica Plunkerstein and the Dusseldorf Conspiracy, and similar such traditional adventure gems. I recommend everyone give V13 a play (or two, or three).

    The fun begins at once and doesn't relent. Travis, the mechanic at Vault 13, offers the Chosen One an interpretation of the game's "main quest" that includes obtaining ten cold beers, a Cat's Paw magazine, and a hammer. While the vital need for the first two is of course self-evident, Travis needs the hammer to coax cooperation from the vault's idiosyncratic computer control system.** In a quagmire of typical bureacratic insipidness in all times and places, other "leaders" at the Vault of course have their own wholly incongruous opinions regarding what the player-character should aim to accomplish. We also have herein a recurring subplot about a wildly popular broadcast program, "Wastelands Got Talent," good for quite a few ongoing laughs.

    Play is fast-paced and engaging. With only a handful of relevant exceptions, random encounters on the world map are disabled to a number of efficacious ends. The game is generally well-focused on presenting its intended experience with no distraction into extraneous matters. In other words, this approach complements the strengths of the Fallout engine whilst minimizing its defects. Fallout and Fallout 2 were transitional (if penultimate) products, merging the traditional crpg (e.g. Ultima, Final Fantasy 1, and so forth) with what at the time were newer approaches to interactivity and graphics made possible by advances in processor power. Hence though nearly all rpgs ought offer some form of fighting hordes of anonymous enemies in order to both satisfy their internal model of linear character development as well as maintain the attention of many players, the classic crpg-- including Fallout 2-- isn't a tactical combat game; attempting to make the game such only highlights its shortcomings in that department. What the Fallout 2 engine does very well is facilitate the multimedia telling of tales set on a stage populated by richly detailed and well-developed characters. As Lich's work seems focused on embracing such, he effectively demonstrates that many possibilities remain to be explored with artistic medium of the Fallout 2 engine. Furthermore in V13, the diminution of random encounters allows the player-character to zip around the wasteland, with the player enjoying the next gag while still smiling from the previous one. Lich's idea of "Bartertown," also seen in Black Steel, further develops and complements all the aforementioned general themes. Once again, tedious rpg mechanics (scouring zillions of containers for obscure items) are minimized so the player may fully enjoy interacting with the story and characters the author presents rather than focusing on trivia.

    Though the couple's two nearby tots aren't named Pebbles and Bam-Bam, perhaps that would have been overkill.

    Though there are a few truly trivial bugs here and there (the spore plants at Vault One, the thugs at the tv studio, etc), the mod is technically quite sound. The author's attention to detail extends even to small bits like changing the character trait descriptions and standard item descriptions. I also liked the way the author (I felt) pilloried the insane loot-level of standard Fallout 2 by placing all manner of fairly useless junk in all the maps, which the player may be tempted to have his character haul around "just in case." On a serious note, however, I did have to eventually resort to looking at maps in the mapper to find the sunglasses and the lighter, though the obscurity of these items may be yet another level of parody on the subject of "Easter Eggs."

    The mod offers at least five or six completely different endings, depending upon the player's actions. Both the design and implementation is therefore quite well-done. Some others have noted the English-version dialogues perhaps merit a better translation; while this is true, Lich's considerable wit clearly shines even with the text currently offered. While much of the mod's humor is enhanced by a knowledge of Fallout and post-apocalyptic lore, I think the comedy stands out on its own even to those unfamiliar with our subculture.

    The mod also offers so much room for further expansion-- the gang/gas refinery arc, "Mist" town, a "story-based" way to resolve scoring a certain tattoo (mutant serum testing, anyone?), and much more. This is a mark of considerable talent in the author-- his work leaves one to ponder even more enjoyment than is directly packaged in the game itself. Enough ideas are seeded in this mod to make a full-on satirical romp perhaps even more substantial than Fallout 2.

    The supplementary comics are a hoot as well, and quite clever. "Somebody stole our car! Only this mysterious spatial script remains!" Well done.****

    I don't know whether this mod is still undergoing development, or whether the author has moved on to other projects. In any case, I'll be eagerly awaiting any further episodes of Lich's work.


    ** Off-topic in the "Truth is Stranger than Fiction" category, an established acquaintance once assured me in all seriousness (and I believe him, for he was a fellow with absolutely no sense of humor, who never told jokes or embellished any tale) that the "bang it all over with a big hammer until it starts working again" technique is in fact an Officially Approved Method of servicing the nuclear reactors on US Navy submarines.

    **** Off-topic in the "Crimes against Humanity" category, what a shame that last time I checked no legal DVD sets of the classic Dynamic Duo from the 1960s are available-- because undoubtedly some lowlife selfish scumbag is holding out for a few pennies on a royalties deal. Such a person should be tried at the Hague for depriving us all of this cultural heritage.

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    Endocore: what an amazing review! Well done. Makes me want to drop everything and go play this mod!

    Endocore's review should be highlighted on the news page, don't you think? :-) (Seriously!)

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    I nominate Endocore for the review writers Hall of Fame!!!
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    @memetics, Drobovik

    Thanks, but I didn't do much-- Lich is the one who put likely several hundred hours into making a very fine mod. All I did was spend 20 minutes composing my thoughts and writing them down.

    In general I do think, though, there is a pronounced lack of Fallout and Fallout 2 modding reviews available. For any number of mods, we have threads that go on for five, ten, or more pages-- really without any helpful information at all for prospective players who may be deciding what to investigate the next time they fire up Fallout 2. I was seeking to address that issue in a minor way recently, but I'm largely reviewed-out for the moment; many other mods either aren't things in which I'm personally interested (weapon mods, etc) or may be things that fall under the "I haven't much nice to say so I'm not saying anything at all" rule since I broadly want to encourage all sorts of modding experiments (because I like playing new stuff).

    Thanks again; I merely hope more folks will start making more substantial comments on the many fine mods made by the many fine modders here at NMA.


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    Might be worth considering a "Mod Reviews" thread - and depending on its content, it might end up stickied (or maybe a locked sticky thread to which a site admin could copy good mod reviews). Or maybe just make a separate thread for each mod that starts with the review and then allows players to comment / add their own reviews about that mod. Something to ponder. (Now it makes me want to write my own review for a mod, to kick-start the process. Whenever that elusive free-time thing pops up in my schedule. :-) )

    Hmmm. Also, having a standardized thread title would help with searching for mod reviews: something like "Mod Review: ____ [name of mod]"

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    The mod is fun and has some nice mapping. I like those "assembled" cars and the outside of TVR.
    I got a few questions about the mod:
    [spoiler:2f7c56d499]1. About going to the paradise island, where can I find the flask and lighter? I've been to all towns/areas but only found the combat knife. :oops:
    2. Is the ending part of "destroy mutants lab" and "return to V13 out of time" the same? (you get locked outside)[/spoiler:2f7c56d499]
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    Mar 14, 2010


    You have some good ideas. I surely don't know, but I suspect some modders have from time to time drifted into "inactive" status or worse because they didn't get much feedback. From the few minor projects I've posted here or there over the years, something I always enjoyed very much was talking to people who wanted to talk about whatever it was I had made. I was fairly surprised that a few of the "reviews" I recently posted didn't inspire a response from the authors or much substantial chat from anyone else; I fear the former means the authors may have gone away and the latter means not enough people are currently playing these mods to form an opinion they want to discuss. In any case, the more we all talk about modding the more interest grows and the more people learn about good general practices and philosophies for designing adventures; this leads more people to make their own mods for all to discuss, etc, forming a virtuous circle.

    That's my opinion, anyway.


    I can't remember where I found the flask, and don't have my game computer handy to check. The lighter is in one of two places (the other of which has the sunglasses):


    1) In the south is a fixed wilderness area with a hermit outside, rambling about some sort of dog. A cave entrance "seems" to be in the nearby mountainside-- but only a tiny portion of the exit grid is accessible. I had actually tried to have my character walk around in this cave entrance hoping to stumble on an exit grid, but despite that effort I couldn't find it until I looked in the mapper. Nonetheless the exit grid is there in the cave mouth, and can be reached. Going inside leads to a cave where two quests can be resolved (including finding an item).

    2) In New Reno, in a small alcove just outside the door of a building generally along the "left edge" of the human-controlled area is a crate with an item.

    The lighter is in one of those; I just don't remember which. I remember these two spots only because I had to find them both with the mapper.

    On your question about endings, I think these are meant to be the same thing; there are one or two other resolutions that give this ending as well. In general, several of the endings for the mod don't actually "conclude" gameplay, even if the player-character can't do much more in practical terms; thus the player is left to decide when his own game should be "over."


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    Endocore thanx for professional review :clap:

    Few clues to game:
    Sunglass - alien
    Metal Flask - church
    Lighter - barricade

    (these items are well hidden and am no surprised you have difficulty)

    FRESH NEWS: Yesterday am begin to work on version 2 of this mod!

    There will be many side quests, updated scripts, extended dialogs and ofcourse tons of humor. For example lighter item is now not hidden in obscure place but player can get it from quest. Due to longer dialogs plot was extended, game world become more rich in details and its more playable, longer adventure.
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    Russian translation for your mod

    Hi, Lich

    It's good to hear you decided to expand this mod. I'm working on translating 13V into Russian right now, bout 70% done.
    So, in this light, could you please PM me updated text files when you have them confirmed for a new version? I understand its gonna be awhile, but try to keep me in mind.
    PS: your russian fans are excited about your mod

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    I have troubles making this mod work on my computer.

    The .zip file doesn't come up with any readme file.

    - I put the data folder on top of Fallout-Data folder and the folders inside the source folder on top of the scripts and heads folder.
    - Tried to make it work on top of a Fo2 RP installation and it work well until my travel on WM was interrupted by my character spawning in an empty black area. This event seems to be time related. I guess it happens instead of an actual even that don't properly load. (maybe some left-over of Horrigan killing peasants event)
    - Tried to make it work on top of a fresh Fo2 Gog installation, and it doesn't even go that far. Sometime the game crash before i am even able to start the campaign. Sometime the campaign load, but my character is on tribal skin and can't talk to anyone.
    - Tried with a fresh install in which i extracted master.at, critter.dat and patch000.dat, then added 13V content on it. When i start the campaign, i spawn in an empty black area with a primitive skin.

    I have no clue how this mod is supposed to be set, in order to properly work.
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    Oct 19, 2006
    No more luck with the files from Drobovic database.
  16. naossano

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    Oct 19, 2006
    @Lich @Drobovik @Endocore

    Any clue about what might cause the problem ?
    I will have to put my playthrought into undefinite hold.
  17. naossano

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    Oct 19, 2006
    I think i have come up with something :

    (My game version is Fallout 2 GoG + Killap Restoration Project installation + Copy of the content of 13V zip file, pasted on it. I am not aware of any automated installation.)

    - Open the ddraw.ini file (known as sfall)
    - Change DisableHorrigan=0 to DisableHorrigan=1
    - You can also try to change the time limit, but i doubt it is useful.
    - Save the file
    - START A NEW GAME (even if your last savegame was before the encounter)

    I went past the 30th of august and i didn't have the black screen encounter.

    However, this mod doesn't seem to register any random encounter. So, don't try to enter a map that isn't a green circle. You will get the black screen encounter. Hopefully, the mod doesn't seem to provoke random encounter, so it is only a problem for scripted encounters.
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    Jan 31, 2017
    13v mod (upd 1.0 - 1.0.2):
    • sfall-extended
    • HRP adapted.
    • English & Russian Language
    Mod updates:
    • - Created and added towns-art signs.
    • - Added lighter and flamethrower [They forgot to add].
    • - Added correct messages about death [for both languages].
    • - Added 120% mutant death animation (by Pixote).
    • - Added a new HD menu background.
    • - Added introductory video (by Pyran).
    • - Appearance mod (Extended).
    • - etc.
    • [Rad] [Rad] x 4
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    Mar 15, 2012
    Have you done this? Is Lich involved? Is there some additional information I should be aware of? I'm thinking front page news.
  20. _Pyran_

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    Jan 31, 2017
    No, Lich didn't take part. Just my small contribution to improving the mod.
    In fact: HRP, sFall, signs on the worldmap and several items that could not be found were added.
    That's all. These are cosmetic improvements, the plot, maps and scripts were not change.

    I'm not sure that this update should be placed in the news feed.
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