20 Years of Fallout; 5 Years of Playing Fallout

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    Fallout has come along a way. It is absolutely shocking to see this series turn 20 years old today. I will admit, while I have not played the first Fallout game in months, I enjoyed the replay value of the game because of the choices you could make, and a story which never outstayed its welcome - it was short, but is still regarded as the best in the series from a writing perspective. I will have to make time to replay the game, sometime today.

    Back in 2012, I discovered Fallout through the third main title in the franchise - Fallout 3. Fallout 3 was the most popular Fallout game at the time (even when New Vegas was still the latest entry), so I brought the game to determine if it lived it up to the success and hype it was garnered with; I used the money one of my friends gave to me as a birthday gift (which looking back at it now, I wish I spent that money on NV). Initially, I enjoyed the game for what it was: an open-world FPS with RPG elements, since it was essentially what the player did most of the game. You roam around the wasteland, salvaging anything which may be useful, but you are also killing plenty of raiders, mutants, and anything else which wants to kill you; you also do quests and make decisions (though arbitrary). I thought it was a great game, but only because I never paid any particular attention to the world-building, the story, characters, or if the choices you made actually affected the outcome of how subsequent events would turn out (which is a very important aspect of any Role-Playing game).

    Towards the end of the summer, I was curious about the first two Fallout games. Many people seem to place those two over Fallout 3, in virtually almost every aspect. Sometime around September 2012, I pirated Fallout 2 so I could see how better it was. I tried to continue on, but the game kept placing me in random encounters I had no chance of surviving, so I gave up on it, and never played until towards the end of December, with Fallout 1 and Tactics as a bundle (a file pirated directly from GoG).

    After my first time playing Fallout 1, and my second time playing Fallout 2, I could finally see why these game were, and still are, held on a pedestal. I could never look back to Fallout 3, again, and the last time I played the game was on the 30th of June, 2013. A month or two after, I brought NV, and it quickly became the Fallout 3 that "never was" in my eyes. It is currently (and possibly forever) my favorite Fallout game, so far.

    If you want to add your own experience with the series, feel free to do so. Also, I would like to thank the Interplay employees, who migrated to Obsidian, for creating a masterpiece of a game.
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    Your experience is extremely similar to mine, I discovered it around 2010-ish through my brother playing Fallout 3 and I eventually tried it myself in 2013. I enjoyed it despite everyone else telling me how much better New Vegas was, and I didn't believe them until I played NV myself and realized what a fool I had been. Played FO1/2 a few months later after getting them for free from GOG, and have loved the franchise ever since. I love the aesthetic, the decisions you're forced to make, the characters, the setting, everything about it is fucking great. New Vegas still probably being my favorite of them all but FO1 is a close second. Definitely going to get a playthrough going here soon as well!

    I'd also like to thank Interplay/Obsidian for making such a fantastic series of games, as well as NMA for being a home to Fallout fans. Even though i'm more of a lurker than poster, I love reading peoples thoughts about the games and current status of the franchise. Seeing people continue to mod FO1/2 and creating something completely new is amazing. You can clearly see a deep-rooted passion for Fallout that you can't find anywhere else but here, and I really respect that.
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    The Fallout community is really passionate. The community as a whole, both Black Isle fans and Bethesdrones, are often accused of being extremely toxic, but I don't think outsiders give this community the credit it deserves for it's sheer passion for the franchise. It doesn't matter which game you like, be it 1, 2, Tactics, Brotherhood of Steel, New Vegas, 4, you have to admit the community as a whole is really good at being passionate and excited about the franchise.
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    I'm so old...
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    Which impresses me is that we got the best mods of those games around 20 years after their release. I don't know any other instances of so much gap.
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    Aug 21, 2004
    That's because there weren't that many modding tools, or the internet as we know it, back then. You weren't going to download full 600mb on dial up, and there weren't that many modding communities and opportunities to share modding tools online.

    And when the conditions finally appeared there wasn't much interest until now to do it.
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    It might have some understandable reasons (such as the tools being available later on). Still doesn't change the fact it is a rare phenomeon.