Adapting Van Buren (Workshop)

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    Gehennas and Molochs from Van Buren. Venomous Gila Monsters and Giant Snakes, sand-trapping antlions and entirely robotic huge "CERBERUS" robot dogs in Denver off the top of my head.

    @Hardboiled Android there's your Boulder details!
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    Hell yeah

    How big are they? I could see them either being like gecko-sized but also like larger, like a hippo. Though I suppose that once they get to be that big poison would cease to be the biggest issue.
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    I like to think they just get bigger as they get older. The older ones being hippo sized.
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    That's tight, maybe the bigger ones have some kind of venomous spew attack?
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    A big toxic vomit like the Gaping Dragon in Dark Souls - I like it. What did you think of the Boulder places and persons btw?
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    Really fantastic stuff, areciate the indulgence as always. The locales and characters both are realy fantastic here, really sell the theme you're going for with Boulder. 50s retrofuture wondercity being absolutely used and abused. It's really good, really funy stuff. There is one locale and potential archetype that could be used, however - the Drive-In.

    Drive in theater is used to educate the Children in basic math, but the Sleepers have to send one of their own down to man it. I think of a woman who is the classic American single-room school house teacher, dutiful and truly loving of her children, but also a dreamer with her head in the clouds, lover of art, literature, and escapist media. Best example is the school teacher from Back to the Future Part III. She didn't gel so well with the 'hard science' attitudes in the Dome (which of course in reality are just a commitment to dogmatism and ritual) so they sent her down to work what the Dreamers consider to be the worst job. With her love for the arts, she's been slipping in such things to the holoprojections in addition to basic education, even putting on the occasional holoflick as a treat. While her committment to a 'liberal arts' approach is admirable, when combined with CODE its wreaking some very negative effects on the weaker-minded children.

    Maybe one 'solution' to Boston's loneliness is to fix these two up, which would be the answer in most media, pair the misunderstood genius with the bright and bubbly girl. The subversion comes in the fact that of course in reality it would be an absolutely horrible relationship.

    Could probably be workshopped a little, but I think there's something there. And having the futuristic drivein causing problems fits in with the other three lcoations which are prime Americana with futuristic havoc.

    Oh yeah, this was an idea I had a long time ago. I've always been interested in teh idea of continuous growth, bound only by the laws of physics. Some specimens grow so old that they just die collapsed under their own weight if they can get enough food, the size of a sauropod. And wherever one of these titans die, tribes flock and fight over the remains, both for the massive amount of resources and for the holy reverence held for giant gila monsters. I guess you don't want to go quite that big, which is reasonable since there wouldn't be enough food to sustain them, but I think the possibility should be open - extremely large skeletons buried in the sand, maybe a major boss hidden away somewhere.

    Some tribes especially around the Gila River worship them as gods, feeding them wayward travelers to encourage the growth. The size of your totem gila monster is a stand in for the strength of your tribe/clan, and when clans of this culture go to war often all thats done is that the competing gila monsters are presented, the more fearsome and large one wins. Fighting only occurs if the winner is not clear.

    Another aspect of my original concept was the development of extra features as they age, sort of like the development of cancer - frills, new horns, even an extra head, largely as an homage to the slurpasaurs of low-budget dino pics (who were just normal lizards enlarged and with frills or spikes glued on).

    If you're at all interested, I have a few mutant concepts I've been workshopping that I could post.
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    All fantastic ideas I will definitely include. I had considered a storyline where the Drive-In was showing an Old World soap opera week by week and people were taking "fandom" a bit too seriously, leading to a murder between fans of opposed show characters and therefore a murder mystery.

    I'm interested in whatever mutant ideas you've got - spitball me.

    I like the idea of the titan mutant, but only as a skeletal remain. Kinda like the giant thing in Star Wars on tattooine in the sand - something eerie to make you think. Or like the Godzilla encounter from Fallout 1

    One of my special encounters is the players seeing a gigantic plane sized thunderbird cryptid overhead, flying into the distance.
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    I must have missed those! I just now read through them.

    I like them a lot, the incel Sleeper NPC is gross and macabre but also kind of funny in a dark way. My only recommendation is maybe have something with the protein farms thrown in there as well? I feel like that concept is interesting enough that it would be nice to have a named NPC devoted to fleshing it out, maybe even a quest of some kind.

    Also are there plans for The Coyotes to interact with the PCs at all, or are they kinda plot-irrelevant outside of just maybe being an enemy encounter or two?

    But I really like the kind of dinghy ramshackle dystopia vibe that Boulder seems to have, it's a good fit for the Fallout world but you've never really seen it done this way.
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    I could throw in a Sapper Morton rip off NPC for the Protein farm who brings up the simple math problem that the Nutrient Farms can only sustain Boulder, not grow it, and have been doing so for decades. This would lead to the New Canaan trade questline as they could exchange food and water in return for more advanced medicine.

    The Coyotes I think are just going to be combat encounters, Van Buren had a LOT of "dealing with outside raiders" storylines and it's beginning to bleed into this too so I don't want to give them too much attention. The main focus would be if the players decide to heist a blue flu corpse from the morgue to poison them.
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    Well I was listening to some Roman-esque music on my morning walk today, so I guess we're doing Magnum Chasma.

    Magnum Chasma - Caesar's Legion

    OST Atmosphere (Initial Arrival):

    OST Atmosphere (General):

    OST Atmosphere (Caesar's Fort and Slave Camps):

    We all know the story of Caesar and the birth of the Legion. Soon, the whole of Arizona will know (some version) of it too. So there's no need to waste words. Caesar as of 2253 has conquered 12 tribes and swells his ranks by employing nearly every slaver group in the Four Corners to bring him stock for servitude or in war.

    The many fires, tribal beats and swarms of marching bands can be seen for far around before initial arrival, surrounding the entire Grand Canyon. At night, the interior of the Grand Canyon is lit by dozens upon dozens of camps, burning fires and those with torches moving back and forth. A swarming hive of activity.

    The outer edges are interspersed at equidistant intervals with numerous fortified outposts. Each camp named and in constant communication. Basic walled fortifications and outposts means nobody approaches the Grand Canyon without being seen.

    Ascending trails leading from the canyon floor to the surface, whether natural or constructed by the Legion are frequently trafficked . Pack Brahmin led by Legionaries or slaves carrying supplies to and from. It never ceases. Entry into the canyon itself is strictly forbidden to outsiders.

    Non-Legion are directed to the southern region outside of Magnum Chasma, where the bulk of activity lies. Near where in real life Grand Canyon Village lies.

    Here in this large region there are three hubs of interest: The Forum, The Servus Consortium and Caesar's Fort.

    The Forum
    The lightly wooded road into the Forum is interspersed with the crucified, beneath each a wooden plaque inscribed with their crime "Savage" "Thief" "Degenerate" "Pusher of Chems" - these plaques are not common at all to crucifixions, but are signals to newcomers of the Legion's sense of justice. A warning before your arrival.

    The Forum itself is a bazaar of tall, open market tents (their fabric crimson of course) filled with Legionaire Fabers or slaves working the stalls, purchasing and selling with merchants from across Arizona - primarily smaller communities but larger caravans from Phoenix and the distant Two Sun have arrived to investigate.

    With the bounty of the Grand Canyon and the recent defeat, current assimilation and harvesting of resources at Flagstaff - the Legion is flush with food and clean water. Fair prices and safe dealings have meant they're becoming a quick attraction compared to the tribes of Phoenix or Arizonian warlords. Traders aren't quite sure what to make of the Legion yet, but businesses is good. In the future the Legion will become self-reliant (the Legion currency has not yet been formed) and razor focused, but as of now Magnum Chasma is a necessary blast furnace for future conquest. The Bazaar is flush with bottlecaps to trade and mid-to-higher level items to purchase. Nothing too high tech, but valuable. This and New Canaan are probably going to be your biggest stocks of purchasing ammunition.

    At the centre of the forum is an old National Park building, on the roof at an overlook (once a rooftop cafe) across the Forum sits the Centurion Titus of Chasma. Surrounded by tables of maps, paper work and kept hydrated and regularly fanned by his two slave girls. He is the master of the Forum and the Centuria that polices it.

    Unless you are a trader, you're in the Forum for mercenarius work. Which means you speak to Titus. Titus holds the smug imperialist superiority of all Legionaries but is otherwise charismatic and largely pleasant - the reason he was assigned to deal with The Forum. In this era, the Centurions still maintain their Roman-fashioned helmets, but their armor is that of regular (though Legionized) reinforced metal armor with a handful of tribal tokens as worn trophies. Titus keeps at his side a Super Sledge.

    Titus has a number of mercenarius jobs to be done, either to earn the favour of the Legion to petition Caesar for entry to the Grand Canyon or simply to earn money (or both). Engaged in war with the many tribes of Hecate the Legion is teetering on the edge of overextension and as such requires mercenarius to come aid in smaller matters.

    Monster Hunter: The Great Gila tribe has recently been conquered and is in the process of assimilation. To fully break them, their "God", their Great Gila, must be exposed as simply an oversized (hippo sized) lizard. However, Legionaries have either had trouble finding it or been savaged by it. Track the monster in the narrow canyonlands and bring back its head (somehow) to show the former tribesmen that Mars and his Son are the only true God.

    Painted Black: The Legion have received word that one of the Daughters of Hecate has embedded herself with the Painted Rock tribe, a powerful but isolationist tribe in Monument Valley. This corruption must be stopped. Either assassinate her or expose her as a charlatan. If she's killed, her head must be brought back.

    Laser Gear Rusty: To the southwest, there is a tribe by the name of the Rusty Hooks that live inside the ruins of Bloomfield Space Center. The facility is surrounded by automatic laser cannons that auto-fire on anyone not wearing an Old World staff-ID badge. Find a way to infiltrate the camp and permanently disable the cannons so that the Legion's conquest may be made easier.

    Servus Consortium

    A rather straight forward affair. The Legion's expansive slave market, where slavers of the Wasteland come to bring their stock to Caesar. Overseen by the tall, lanky Centurion Octavian. Octavian is extremely numbers and business minded, often overtired. In the old world he would have been a stock trader. The Servus Consortium is a mess of market tents, cages and fenced off slave pens.

    Of the hooks here, there are three:

    Selling slaves: Self-Explanatory.

    "Slave Running": Tracking and re-capturing escaped slaves. A little bit of bounty hunting mixed with some detective work if they've managed to reach other communities.

    Mystery Disease: There's been a problem of slave illness and death ravaging the eastern slave pens. Octavian isn't sure why. Doctor PCs can discover that their water source is lethal and they're suffering from cholera.

    Caesar's Fort
    Located at the former camp of the Ridgers, Caesar's Fort is as you might guess the most heavily fortified and defended part of Magnum Chasma. At it's center is a series of luxurious tents where Caesar and his upper crust live and strategize. Only those of Caesar's invite may enter.

    The young Caesar's demeanour is different to that of his Mojave era behaviour. In this time he's still got a head of (shortly cropped) blonde hair and is deceptively charismatic, however at the right times his sardonic brutality and sense of superiority bleeds through as always. In this era he doesn't have the privilege of decades of secure tyranny to afford and couch him in the irritable, brief maniacal state we find him in New Vegas. He's stoic if not affable, gentlemanly almost but at all times maintains a sense of power and command of respect - through subtlety rather through (as he can later afford) later, blunt demand. He is constantly guarded by his Praetorians.

    The only way the party can come face to face with Caesar is if they are in need of entry to the Grand Canyon and have earned enough favour with the Legion to warrant it, r if they have already either killed Hecate or become a major thorn in her side.

    The state of the war with Hecate is as such. The Legion has better strategy, logistics and command. Three of her tribes are backed into a siege situation without the provisions to last through it. Caesar states when they begin to starve like vermin, their pathetic Goddess nowhere to be found, and eat eachother alive, they'll eat the Daughters of Hecate first. Only then will the Legion move in.

    However, Hecate has the numbers by a significant margin and her usage of poisons is crippling to the Legion. It's a fight he is confident he can win, but it will take a significant chunk out of the Legion to do so. So, he'd rather end things quickly.

    If the party play it cool as for their need to go into the Grand Canyon (i.e don't reveal how critical it is) and navigate the conversation with Caesar well, as well as having done the services of Titus (or only some of Titus and assisted Gallus in SLC)- Caesar will grant them passage.

    If they navigate the conversation well but haven't curried enough favour, they will have to do each of Titus's tasks.

    If they blow their poker face and fall into Caesar's conversational trap to get them to expose how much they need to get into the Grand Canyon, he'll level it as such: Bring him the head of Hecate and not only will he grant passage to the Grand Canyon, but he will also greatly reward them (high level weapons of their choosing + bottlecaps). Otherwise they can leave.

    Bottom of the Canyon

    Filled with camps of young Legionaries, either in training or induction into the cult of Mars by Priestesses. Additionally, farms and the harvesting of water.

    The real prize is the crash site of BOMB-001, a smouldering, junked ruined space-station. Inside a barely intact ZAX Unit holds the memory can required to save Boulder Dome, and maybe the whole Wasteland from New Plague.

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    Note: I may add some extra fat to this to flesh things out but right now I just wanted to get the prime meat down

    An inherent problem with the Legion is that it's a razor focused millitary organization so it's harder to inject wacky fun quests, but I'll see what I can conjure up
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    Yeah that's fun

    yeah, special encounter of giant skeleton works. Maybe the largest 'living' Gila Monster could be the size of an elephant, the one worshipped by the most powerful Gila tribe, and the largest ones you run into out in the wild are hippo-sized?

    Oh yeah I agree, something going on there would round it out and bring things to a nice even five. I don't really have an idea for a specific quest beyond a boring "Improve farm efficiency" thing as in Adytum and Shady Sands, but maybe in terms of character the Child in charge of the protein farms is a stereotypical hick farmer, for the comedy of doing such an accent and slang combined with complex terminology. And of course he has beautiful daughters that he's not fond of outsiders looking at too long, and he might just come after you with his double-beam laser carbine if he hears you've been messing with them.

    ...though writing this I realize this is essentially just the moon-yokel from Futurama.



    -So you have Flaghstaff basically defeated, but still undergoing a process of assimilation and the camapaign therefore not fully 'finished' until the canonical 2255 date. Probably the right choice, highlights the Legion as a rising power and an intensely dynamic society.
    -Bottlecaps as currency seems a bit odd. It made sense around the Great Salt Lake, but trade and contact with the West feels like it should be comparatively low in this era,basically limited to the lower Colorado valley south of Vegas. I think it would probably make sense that Arizona-New Mexico would be on a loose precious metals standard.
    -Minor note, but 'Arizonians' is a bit of an odd form. It's acceptable, but in my experience 'Arizonans' seems to be far more common. Though my I suggest as an alternative demonym (lifted directly from an excellent Paolo Bacigalupi Novel, "The Water Knife") for Arizonans in 'Zoners'? Packs in a little STALKER reference and sounds cool/alien.
    -Is this by any chance Titus's office -
    -I'm guessing the Brotherhood will also have Bloomfield as a high priority since they're so close to it.
    -Since the patron Giant Gila Monsters are fed the fallen warriors, chiefs, and gods of other tribes - it would be insanely based to feed Caesar to the Great Gila.
    -Great portrait of a young Caesar. Is Graham on campaign in Flagstaff or Rez, or is he going to be offscreen for this campaign to maintain his mystery?
    -Final thought - it seems like, even within the Grand Canyon, there must be gulleys and crevices seldom traversed by the Legion, both to justify the BOMB's continued existence, and the possibility that the Sierra Madre is out there somewhere. Maybe BOMB is near an exposed uranium mine and therefore irradiated, discouraging Legion exploration? And if there are indeed spaces seldom trafficked by the Legion, perhaps there's still space for these little fellas -

    And prime meat it was!

    I may think of some ideas later, but for now how about this - a final stage to the tracking down of escaped slaves in finding a Priestess of Mars who betrayed her vows of virginity?

    Will write them up in a full post.
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    I think the skeleton being in the former Great Gila region would be a nice scare for the players hunting for the Great Gila - give them some heightened expectations, alongside the mangled corpses of Legionaries.

    Half of my characters are strands from stuff I've seen and some characters I've posted are straight adaptions of Fargo characters, so I have no problem taking this because it'll be funny as shit.

    My reasoning is that travel across the I-10 probably reached Phoenix, and Phoenix being the big shot city, if they adapt bottlecaps so does everyone else. On the players end it also gives them more places to actually use bottlecaps since Colorado and New Mexico are basically going to be entirely barter based. Which might prove vexing. I'm taking a Bethesda stance here unfortunately that it's just easier.

    Nice local flavour. I like.

    It is now. Having been to Grand Canyon Village and pretty sure I've been inside that building I'm ashamed I hadn't thought of it. Mind you, been a few years.

    Possibly. As I said before the BoS are located in NM outside of the ruins of ABQ now so it's a little far for them. The Desert Rangers however have it eyed up.

    It would be a nigh impossible job considering fighting your way out of the heart of the Legion in my PnP. but if the party came back equipped with power armor and some, uh.... let's call them patriotic buddies, it's possible.

    Off screen for mystery. He's on the frontline against Hecate, which tribe, the players won't know. They might hear from Hecate's people of the sheer terror of the Malpais Legate, however. Something of a boogeyman in Ouroborous.

    I was planning on having trog mutants and uranium mines be something located in Moab near the Dead Horses because IRL Moab was used for uranium mining, but making the BOMB section a little dicey with beasties isn't a bad idea. Perhaps a couple cazadores. The Sierra Madre I picture as being in nearby canyonlands rather than the Grand Canyon itself.

    I have a story cooking up for a 13 who's a slave runner with a particular grudge for trying to find a slave who keeps escaping her fingers. That would make a good slave. I'll elaborate in my Magnum Chasma fatty extras post.

    Looking forward to it.
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    This is adapted from a concept I originally came up with for the Deadlands in the Great Wastes.

    Tar Monster

    Don't have a really good name for this, possibly Sheol. Continues the theme of Gehenna-Molech, and it is essentially an all-encompassing darkness.

    Basically it's a living pool of oil, the final boss of Burham Springs. It would initially be introduced to players alongside Gehennas and Molechs. At early levels it would be a minor threat compared to anthropoid enemies, essentially gelatinous cubes from DnD that are maybe smouldering/on fire. No big deal. It's only at the bottom of the mine that the full extent of the threat becomes clear - a very large pool of black shimmering stuff, a combination of tar and coal, animated and sending out pseudopods, extremely resistant to ballistic, melee, and unarmed weapons. It's a very tough boss.

    This concept essentially arose because I don't understand molechs or gehennas - just what the heck were they? Clearly some kind of human it seems like. Not ghouls, a ghoul would die if it were covered in tar and smouldering. Doesn't seem to be genetically engineered like Wannamingoes (which are the other extremely weird and inexplicable mutants), they're psot-War, post-disaster. Sheol is the answer.

    There are several potential explanations which different characters could offer as to what exactly it is, the correct answer kept unknown and vague as with the tunnelers. In no particular order, the first is that the tar monster has always been there. It's an extremely ancient lifeform, possibly pre-Devonian, that lived in the lower crust and upper mantle of the earth, sustained by heat and chemotrophy. It is extremely alien to all currently extant life on earth, possibly representing one of the last survivors of a lineage descended from an other abiogenisis event, a shadow biosphere. When oil depletion drove man to dig ever deeper, followed shortly thereafter by tectonic disturbances from the War, the Sheol came to the surface.

    The alternative explanation is that Sheol is the result of chemical pollution. Radiation from mininuke charges and wastedumping, volcanic/tectonic activity and exotic chemicals used in hydraulic fracturing process, conspired to create something of a primordial soup at the bottom of the mine. From here, there are two (not mutually exclusive) possibilities. One is that as creatures were lost and fell down the mine they died in this chemical soup, which acted as a catalyst to create this strange lifeform. Alternatively, the chemical soup may have interacted with whatever biological structures remained in the coal and oil, essentially a ghoulification process on single very very old cells, or just mutated trogolodyte bacteria. Without an entire lifeform, these biological structures congeal into a new lifeform. Or you could have both options at the same time.

    There are also mystical explanations. Mormons would hold its a demon, or perhaps even hell itself. I'm not quite sure what the Tar Walkers would make of it since we haven't heard about them, but I imagine they worship it as a god and are feeding it sacrifices, spurring its continued growth.

    Essentially it's a colonial organism, a great big slime mold. It lives off of three things - chemical reactions, smouldering heat, and animals. From the main body it sends out pseudopods in search of these things, digging new tunnels through the mine to harvest the energy from those chemical reactions, to harvest the heat from the smouldering fires, and to find new victims. Pseudopods rise as far as the surface, but the Sheol is highly sensitive to light. These pseudopods die in the day time and are seperated from the main body, but form a hazard for animals and travelers. If they get stuck, they could be attacked by pseudopods rising in the night. Pseudopods that break out into full-blown fire rather than a gentle smoulder are separated from the main body.

    When a creature (most often a human) is subsumed by Sheol or one of its feelers, it does indeed die but its biology is repurposed. Gehenna are the first stage, recognizable human forms that are slowly being processed and broken down. Then like the caterpillar that liquifies and reforms in its cocoon, the combination of radiation and the processes of the sheol cause strange mutations and repurposings of the bodily structures of the host. This is the Molech. Eventually, when all of the cells of the host have been processed and converted, the molech dissolves into a puddle of tar that either finds its way back to the main body or finds a new victim.

    In terms of ways to defeat the Sheol, I'd need to know more about Burham Springs. But it's very resistant to ballistic, melee, or unarmed, weak to explosives and energy weapons. It likes smouldering heat but not open blazing infernos, so flamers or plasma would be good against it. It doesn't like light, so it would be weak to lasers or CODE weapons. You could also just blow it to bits, it would have difficulty reconstituting. Sick the Agricola robots on it. Or, and this is the funnest one, get the drill head working, suck up the main body and put it through the oil refining process, thus killing it.

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    Absolutely adore this.

    Works as well as any.

    Excellent. Reminds me of the Depths slimes in Dark Souls.

    I agree and think it was one of those concept before logic things that come with them being from a design document. I imagine the Marked Men probably were like this during LR's development.

    Very classic Doctor Who. I love, and the Tunnellers already set the canonical precedent for primordial creatures modified by the wrath of man.

    I was going to have the Tar Walkers and Burham Springs be related to the tar/oil fields that actually exist in that part of Utah as part of a Poseideon Energy gig.

    As for the dual explaination, I'm going for a "The Thing" crew vibe for the Burham prospectors so them shooting the shit and giving their own theories over whiskies is totally on-theme

    The Tar Walkers viewed them as a natural evil produced by the Great War and viewed it as their duty to guard/watch over it - which is why they're royally cheesed the Prospectors are digging into it. Kind of a "Don't go digging the native burial ground ya dumb whitey" stereotype.

    Part of the hook of Burham Springs is that the Prospectors know there's a Poseideon Lab down the bottom but they just can't fucking get in there - this gives even better justification. Phil has the entry canyon layered with landmines to get raiders and Tar Walkers to fuck off so the players suggesting repurposing the mines works perfectly. There's also plenty of early game explosive and flame weapons in my PnP too

    Absolutely ace work man
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    Nov 26, 2007
    *Fair warning to viewers, this IS a Stephen King clip.
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    I think something that was a strength of Van Buren and something that's coming together well with this campaign write up is the just right amount of juxtaposed mix of the primitive tribalism and the Old World gizmo- mystery weirdness. I'm happy with the progress so far moreso than Texas and even than my actual old campaign (which leant too hard on the tribal)
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    I had actually imagined the skeleton as being even larger - an Imperial Mammoth size, or maybe even a sauropod. Indian elephant for the Great Gila by comparison is fairly modest, but still extremely large. But maybe that's still too big.

    I still think trade would basically be a trickle and unlikely to adopt the silly bottlecap standard, but I understand your reasoning.

    Oh my bad, must have missed this.

    Sgt. Granite intsenfies?

    Oh that's exciting, I'd hoped you'd do something with Moab.

    Oh neat. I had actually imagined that the priestess might be a 13, but that works too.

    Yeah probably. If it got explained at all I figure they would've just gone with 'burning ghouls' or something to that effect, though more than likely I suspect that it would have gone totally unexplained in-game like Wannamingoes.

    Yeah I was a super big fan of that aspect of the tunnelers - maybe they're mutant humans, maybe their something unspeakably ancient. Metro: Last Light had the same open question with its giant spider monsters.

    In my concept, in addition to normal mining they were employing 'atomic cracking,' which I had thought up for your Deadlands. It's a combination of hydraulic fracturing (with super-science chemicals instead of the ones we use today) and Speaking of, you could do something with Project gasbuggy itself, its right outside Farmington. A giant, perfectly round/smooth cavern created by a nuclear test, either still irradiated and inhabited by mutants or maybe inhabited by people.

    Oh this is great. OPbviously there are some Thing vibes already in the Sheol, being an utterly alien lifeform with the ability to infect, transform, and ultimately convert other lifeforms, so this kind of setup works great. excited for whenever you do the Burham Springs post.

    Gotcha - maybe they throw their dead and/or the occasional livestock down the shaft to satiate it and stop it from coming to the surface and going further afield, which works in the short term but ultimately is just making the thing stronger as it accumulates more and more biological material.

    Oh that's great. naturally I imagine the Sheol's main puddle is in front of the lab.

    Glad to hear you're happy with it.
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    Additional Fluff for Magnum Chasma

    Quest Hooks
    • After first speaking with Titus and then leaving, one of his slave girls, Kumo, will hurriedly approach the party claiming Titus had additional notes regarding their work - she hands them the paper and runs back. It's in fact a letter begging for them to help her escape and reach the Desert Rangers at Fort Hope
    • If any PCs are identified as Doctors, they will be paid handsomely to treat poisoned Legionaries in a nearby war camp, allowing the players to learn valuable information about Hecate's alchemy - which can come in useful for both crafting field antidotes and exposing her and her Daughter's "magic"
    • When in the bottom of the canyon, Cato, a Legionary, will approach and privately ask the players if they could search the remains of his tribe's old camp for any trinkets or tokens. The old camp is now home to some juvenile Cazadores.
    • One of the merchants has been selling the Legionaries Cat's Paw magazines. Titus would like you to find out which one
    On second thoughts I scrapped my idea I had for the slave runner although one sliver might persevere - a Desert Ranger turned slave runner. I was going to combine her with the hanged man but even with modifications the overall story was too similar to Joshua Graham.

    The escaped slave being a 13 might be more interesting, although why she'd return to Arizona after ending up in Colorado I don't know.

    I've also come to the major realization that bottlecaps aren't in circulation in 2253 - it's still the NCR dollar. Autocorrect all previous references to caps to Dollars. This actually makes the fear of economic dominance in New Canaan even more prominent.

    The Legion and the Zoners deal with their own precious metal currency then.

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  20. Hardboiled Android

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    Jun 7, 2015
    Stills feels a little light on detail to me, but that's fine. Rome wasn't built in a day, nor is any good PnP camapign. Feel free to come back to stuff later, as you flesh out the rest of the world connections and naturally emergent hooks will start to appear, and just leaving it you'll have more ideas. But the stuff you have is all good, of course.

    One minor note on Cato - it's a good hook, but you already have a character named Cato in the Boulder auto shop (presumably as a mild Green Hornet reference). It's not a massive deal if two characters have the same name, but you may want to change one or the other.

    I don't think the Hanged Man is all that similar to the Burned Man, depending on how you handle it, and even if it is honestly that's fine. Poetry, it rhymes. I think it would be interesting to keep the character. Maybe she was, like the Hanged Man, hung in the middle of *Fort Hope by the Rangers shortly before an attack. When you find Fort Hope it's abandoned, you have to reclaim it for the Rangers.

    And happy to hear the currency details.