Any random encounters mods for Fallout 1 or 2?

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  1. Dux

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    Feb 3, 2009
    I've been following these forums on and off for around 12 years now and I don't think I came across something like this - is there a mod that mixes up the number of enemies/their stats in random encounters? So for example instead of let's say 3-7 critters the range is increased to 3-12, or you encounter the usual number but their stats are buffed by 10-50%. Or something like that.

    I feel like it's a seamless addition that would spice things up and in theory would maybe be easy to do, from my modest understanding of fallout modding :) Not sure how it would affect the XP gained... but I'm getting ahead of myself.

    So, anything like this there already? If not, how hard is it to do? Looking at you, you sexy modders keeping these awesome games alive to this day
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    Jul 4, 2018
    Can't say if there is something like it out there. As for making a mod like that, you could either follow vanilla models in worldmap.txt, or call bonus critters via the random encounter maps scripts, Fallout et tu create every random encounters's criiters like that if you want to study it's scripts.

    Here is a encounter in the vanilla worldmap.txt. Pid is the critter pid that can find by opening the proto critters files in a tool like fallout proto manager. The rest seem self explanatory to me, though it might be because I start to have some practice.

    [Encounter: DMRV_Highwaymen]
    type_00=pid:16777246, Item:10(wielded), Item:40, Item:(0-15)41, Item:259, Script:626           ; Tough Male Thug w/ Hunting Rifle, Stimpak, Jet
    type_01=ratio:35%, pid:16777250, Item:236(wielded), Item:(0-10)41, Item:40, Script:626           ; Agile Male Thug w/ Combat Knife and Stimpak
    type_02=ratio:35%, pid:16777251, Item:280(wielded), Item:(0-10)41, Item:40, Script:626           ; Agile Female Thug w/ sharp spear and Stimpak
    type_03=ratio:15%, pid:16777252, Item:8(wielded), Item:(0-10)41, Item:259, Script:626, If(Player(Level) > 6)         ; Male Gun Thug w/ 10mm Pistol and Jet
    type_04=ratio:15%, pid:16777253, Item:8(wielded), Item:(0-10)41, Item:259, Script:626         ; Female Gun Thug w/ 10mm Pistol and Jet
    position=wedge, spacing:2
    I would post you a encounter code from a map script of fallout et tu but if you never looked at a fallout 2 script, it might be more confusing than helpful. In case, you can download the sources on github and take a look, in rnddesrt.ssl, the script map for many desert encounters, for example.

    As for the difficulty, it's always the same with modding once you figured how to do things, the time it take is the hardest part.

    Hm, really don't know if this answer is helpful to you, but well. The best way to understand how things work is to try and see what happen.
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  3. Dux

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    Feb 3, 2009
    Thank you for taking the time to reply! Like I said, my understanding of Fallout modding is very limited and I was more interested if any experienced modders tinkered with this already. But reading what you wrote and looking at the worldmap.txt gives me new insight - I thought it would be possible to "expand" the range on the number of critters for all encounters but I guess you would have to go through every encounter and add critters manually? And I don't really see an option to buff the critters' stats in any way (with the worldmap.txt), but it's probably my lack of knowledge. Thanks or the explanation either way, maybe one day I will dedicate more time to actually learning some modding instead of just lurking these forums for another decade :)
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    Can't "buff" critter stats via worldmap.txt - this stuff is in their proto files. That's why Fo2 has so many "duplicated" critter types.. they all have different stats.