Baldur's Gate Series

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    Feb 2, 2007
    Yes, you at least try and play Baldur's Gate 1 and Baldur's Gate. a little hint: if you carry a certain something from the one game to ther other you get something...

    There's a package out, at least here in Europe, where you can get all games set in Forgotten Realms; appropriately named the Forgotten Realms Pack. It has BG, BG2 and expansions as well as Icewind Dale 1 and 2 as well as Planescape: Torment. It will cost you about 40-50 US dollars, I think or less.

    And don't we normally suggest EasyTutu as the mod that allows BG1 to be played in the BG2 engine?

    As for speed, I think adding Tales of the Sword Coast to BG1 gave you the ability to set the pathfinding notes a bit higher - from 24,000 nodes to 32,000 nodes or more. I don't think you ever could run in a Bíoware game?


    As for PS: Torment, a higher charisma score could be well advised, I think? Charisma means something in this game, since I think it is the stat (or is it intelligence?) that gives you access to more tattoos and memories after - shall we say - certain events in the game. And as I recall, it don't you need a 16 for say Charisma to get the +2 multiplyer?

    And please try to talk to the zombies in the first place (this is sort of a pun, you will see what I mean when you play the game)
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    I think there's one thing in P:T that you can't do without a high CHA. I could be wrong; it might be two. There are also one or two things you can't do without a high INT, one or two inconsequential things you can't do without a middling STR, and a handful of inconsequential things you can't do without a middling DEX. WIS covers the rest.
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    I am pretty sure the forgottem realms pack does not have planescape:tournament included (in germany I am sure of it)
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    I'm not gonna bother reading this entire thread and see how the discussion has gone, but I'll just add my view on it:

    Baldur's Gate was one of the first crpg's I ever played and the first with a fantasy setting. I had only played Fallout and some other games with only slight rpg-element before. to me, BG was an amazing game that allowed me to do stuff I hadn't done before: explore huge outdoor areas, seek treasure in all sorts of caves and old ruins, and follow an exciting story line with a few twists and turns.

    I still look back at it as one of my all-time favorite games. but now than I'm much older and have played so many other games, it's safe to say it's pretty linear, doesn't offer much in the way of roleplaying and is very basic when it comes to character and combat system. I like how simple it is though - you never get too powerful and the story never blows into epic proportions.

    BG2 is much more complex in pretty much every way and should probably suit a more mature player who has played most of the good crpg's out there. however, what BG2 lacks that I loved so much with the original is the exploration. in fact, I consider BG2 to be much more linear since you never really wander off just to check out some random forest you found on your world map.

    if you want the full story, you definitely should play both games plus expansions in the right order, preferably with the same character.

    if you only have patience for one game and want something you can sink your teeth into a bit deeper, go for BG2.

    if you don't mind a more simple playstyle and want a more classic adventurous atmosphere, go for BG.
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    Feb 2, 2007

    You're right...

    I just checked

    Forgotten Relams The Deluxe Edition seen here

    has all BG games+all IWD games+Newerwinter Nights+expansions in it.

    Don't forget to download the free module Trials of the Luremaster or dare I say, free DLC? for the first IWD game.
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    Spoiler, pls.
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    Planescape Torment = PWN ALL
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    Thanks for your overwhelming insight, I'm almost compelled to actually go out and buy the game now. :lol:
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    [spoiler:226e6bbf2b]Do you mean the three pants (golden, silver bronze?) that you can collect through the three games and then convert into the mech suit in ToB?[/spoiler:226e6bbf2b]
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    "You think I am crazy, but they want you to think that. I know secrets. Keep the pantaloons. Always keep the pantaloons."

    For those who have no idea what we are talking about but are curious all the same

    Everything about the "Enigma of the Pantaloons" and deciphering the code is there.
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    Exactly my thoughts, im just to lazy to write it down :)

    BG1 was great when it came, one of the first rpg:s i played.
    So i guess my judgment is tainted by nostalgia.

    BG2 is more complex i agree, but i liked the more "realistic" approach in BG1s story(weapons, enemy's etc). BG2 was a bit far out for me, not bad but i prefer BG1.

    And also as you mentioned, even tho BG1 is smaller/have fewer locations, the feeling of exploration was more epic compared to BG2.
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    Apr 2, 2006
    Well, I started playing BG2 and I'm bored out of my mind. Please tell me it gets better.
  13. Eyenixon

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    Apr 11, 2008
    Chapter 2 is great, non-linear and features some of the best quests created in RPG history.

    From then on it gets pretty linear until Chapter 6 or so.
    Depends on whether or not you like the focused and combat intensive story-based segments post Chapter 2, or if you like having the game leave you to your own devices during Chapter 2 while you can go off and explore.
    The quests really are great though, there's some very well done intrigue and a lot of the quests are fascinating once you get drawn into the mysterious atmosphere.

    I especially liked the whole deal regarding the sphere in the Slums District that opens up further along the game.

    The issue may be this, never find yourself wandering around Athkatla without anything to do, because then yes, it is unearthly boring, find a quest as soon as possible, the D'Arnise Hold quest you get from Nalia gives you a great dungeon to explore.
    Really the whole game depends on whether or not you want a game with a thick narrative that is well written and intriguing albeit generic along with some great dungeons and well designed humongous quests.
    It's doesn't have any of PS:T's pseudo-philosophical writing, but then again, it's not trying that hard so it's far more fun in the sense that it's made to entertain and not bore you to death.
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    I actually liked P:T a lot. I really can't seem to get into BG2 though.

    I just made it to chapter 2 and up until now, there has been a LOT of combat and I can't say that I like it very much so I haven't been having much fun. Things are also a bit confusing overall.

    I'll admit that the writing and style is pretty decent. I can't foresee myself enjoying it too much because I suspect it's a very combat intensive game.

    I can't decide whether I should go on or not.
  15. Eyenixon

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    Apr 11, 2008
    If you don't like combat intensive RPGs, I don't suggest you keep playing.
    Combat intensive RPGs aren't my favorite either, I lean more towards the exploration side of things, especially the kind with dynamic interactive game worlds (Ultima VII for example), but you're going to be missing out on most of the great cRPG classics if you don't at least warm up to the idea of combat in RPGs a little bit.

    The idea of an RPG that focuses on plot and character development while not forcing the player into too many combat encounters is a very rare thing, PS:T, the first two Fallouts and Arcanum are probably the biggest examples.
  16. maximaz

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    Apr 2, 2006
    Still playing. I'm starting to figure things out but can't understand wtf is going on with the magic system. I find a scroll, I click Write Magic (which supposedly writes it into the spell book), how the hell do I use it??? I open the spell book and see Memorized and Known spells, wtf do I do? I wasn't even this confused with Arcanum.

    Also, some characters level up with zero skill points. When I click no the level up button, I pretty much can't do anything but click ACCEPT. What's the point of leveling up if I can't improve anything?
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    It's how AD&D works. Every class levels up differently.

    And ehm, have you tried reading the manual, or playing the tutorial?
    You put spells in your memorized spell slots. When you sleep they get memorized, which means you can cast them. You can cast each memorized spell once until you sleep and re-memorize them again.

    Again: this all comes up in the manual and tutorial.
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    Ok, I never played BG1 (looked too.. meh to me, though I always planned on it, still do, just to see the story and quirks that are mentioned in BG2).

    The game has an immense replayability value no matter what the detractors say. Your group makeup alone alters things that happen, including who you choose to sleep/fool/fall in love with. Including trying to do it to several of them at once (least as a male char. You could try and woo 3 females at the same time though it'd eventually come to a head and you WOULD have to make a decision). This decision and the woman if you kept her, would actually continue the little romance subplot all the way into BG2s expansion.

    Anyway. The game offers alot of things to do, especially early on in the main city you start within, Amn. Several things which have an extended reach outside of the city. Sadly, the world outside of Amn doesn't feel as complex, least to me. Though there was alot to do. *Shrug.* I would suggest these games, for their stories, characters, and general weird moments. Some parts are just like Fallout, but with the DnD twist.

    Also note on the combat system. It make seem clunky, but thats because its using the DnD ruleset (um, 3.0, maybe) and as such, early you, you WILL get your ass handed to you if you pick the wrong kind of fights.

    Fighter/Thieves FTW. (best gameplay IMHO. Combat aspect lets you do alot, and the thievery aspect lets you explore to your hearts content).
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    Apr 1, 2004
    It's AD&D 2nd Ed. with some things adapted from 3.0 (Barbarian and Monk classes, Wild Magic), some things adapted from 2E splatbooks (kits), and some things just made up (high-level abilities).
  20. Sander

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    Jul 5, 2003
    It's not 'your group makeup alone', it's 'only your group makeup'.
    The only new experience you will encounter in a new game (excluding combat differences due to a different character build, the class-specific stronghold quests and three(I think) small story missions at the end of chapter 2,that don't have any real consequences either) will be in how you choose your companions and how you interact with them.

    From the point of view of new content upon replay, its replay value is very, very low.

    That's not to say that it isn't a fun game, because it is, and you can certainly replay it because of that. But contending that it has a lot of different content depending on how you play through it is really nonsensical.