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    RPS brings us something amusing or maybe sad depending on where you lean on the Karma scale. I figured we would try to pick three great mods out of the list. Shouldn't be too hard.

    Trimmed this article down so go to RPS for the full list.

    Enhanced Wasteland Preset

    There are loads of ENBs and Reshade mods out there that can dramatically alter Fallout’s appearance through post-processing wizardry, but I’m rather partial to the Enhanced Wasteland Preset, which has been around forever. If you find the Commonwealth a bit too gloomy, then this might be exactly the panacea you’re looking for, significantly livening up the world with more vibrant colours and lighting.

    Stalker Light

    If the thought of pretty colours makes you violently retch, and even the default appearance is too chipper for you, then Stalker Lightning might be more up your street. By draining the world of its vibrancy, the Commonwealth starts to look a lot like STALKER’s Zone. You will feel depressed, and maybe you’ll even start questioning why you’re fighting your way through this miserable world (it’s for your terrible son), but that’s all part of the post-apocalyptic experience.

    Texture Optimization Project

    The Texture Optimization Project is more of a performance mod than a graphics overhaul. It takes the original Fallout 4 textures and replaces them with compressed and resized versions. If your PC is straining and a wobbly FPS is giving you a headache, these textures might be a big help. There’s very little loss of quality, but a noticeable performance boost.

    So we have the usual visual tweaks to make pretty stuff more pretty. Not much content there if you want more to the game besides standing around looking pretty in the rain. Pass.


    Spring Cleaning or Scrap Everything

    The nuclear apocalypse happened centuries ago but the settlements of the Commonwealth look like they were hit by a bomb only yesterday. They’re a mess. And even when you start building, there’s a lot of detritus that you simply can’t get rid off. Unless you use one of these mods. They let you scrap everything, from mounds of mud and tree stumps to smashed glass and litter. I use Spring Cleaning, but it doesn’t look like it’s being updated anymore, so Scrap Everything might be the better choice.

    Robot Home Defence

    So you’ve got a nice new settlement up and running, happy settlers and a lovely house — now you need to protect everything. Robot Home Defence lets you build robo-buddies who can guard your home, or even follow you around as you go questing around the Commonwealth. If you don’t have the Automatron DLC, this is the next best thing.

    These are probably the most tempting mods for any fan to add since the whole settlmeent system was half baked to begin with. Problem is there is no reason to do it since the AI is shit and Fallout is not Minecraft or Rust or whatever the hell they wanted to turn the series into. Pass.

    Weapons and Armour

    Armorsmith Extended with Armor and Weapon Keywords Community Resource

    This is your one-stop mod for all of your armour-related needs. Armorsmith Extended does the work of several mods, taking a holistic approach to improving your wardrobe. With it, every outfit in the game can have armour worn over it, and you can mix and match hats and masks, combining, say, a gas mask with a stetson. It also massively expands the armour mods system, as well as letting you mod all clothing items. This is on top of all the new craftable clobber that it adds. You’ll need to download AWKCR to make it compatible with other mods on this list.

    Weaponsmith Extended

    Another huge mod collection, Weaponsmith Extended combines countless exotic weapons and features, including rocket-powered axes and The Holy Hand Grenade of Antioch. Remember to take a look at the requirements though. It needs most of the DLC and a few other mods, including AWKCR, though you should have that already if you’re using Armorsmith Extended as well.

    Crafting Workbenches

    Instead of spending hours shopping (or killing and stealing) around for new guns and armour, why not craft them instead? This mod adds new crafting workbenches from which you can create whole weapons and armour pieces, rather than just customising pre-existing ones. You can craft everything from basic weapons to custom power armour, and lots of things inbetween. An ammo workbench is also available, where you can disassemble ammo and craft new bullets, fuel and cells.

    Any Mod Any Weapon

    Any Mod Any Weapon lets you become the Frankenstein of weapon crafters, designing ludicrous things like a minigun that can fire nukes or a shotgun with a suppressor. It’s not just guns, either. Stick a claw on a boxing glove if you want to. This is obviously not balanced and the weapons look absurd, but it’s a hell of a lot of fun.

    Wearable Backpacks and Pouches

    This one’s for the pack rats. If you’re constantly overloading yourself because you can’t leave the house without 10 guns, or because your pockets are always full of junk, craft yourself some backpacks and pouches. It’s a great, practical mod, but it also makes you look more like a post-apocalyptic survivalist.

    Craftable Armor Size

    Craftable Armor Size adds light, medium and heavy mods to the workbench. So if you’ve got some light armour that you’d like to beef up, you can add heavy mods to each piece. Alternatively, if you want to lighten your load and sneak around, you can downgrade heavy armour, making it lighter.

    Concealed Armors

    Sometimes you want the safety that armour can provide but don’t want to be too showy. Or maybe you’ve downloaded Armorsmith Extended and you’ve noticed that, since armour pieces weren’t originally designed to go over outfits, there’s a lot of clipping. Concealed Armors gives you the option to change the visibility of armour from the workbench, at no cost. You can make all of it invisible, or just specific parts. You can even traipse around in your birthday suit, fully-armoured.

    More stuff you can shoot or walk around in looking cool. Problem is there is no reason to shoot things when you have no real goal besides LARPing from place to place. As is usually the case any potential mod worth adding is only worthwhile since the entire game needs redesigning/tweaking to be fun. Even more than Fallout 3 which at least made an effort to be like the old games.


    Valentine Reborn

    Fallout 4’s companions are a mixed bag, but Synth-detective Nick Valentine makes up for the more forgettable ones by being a constant delight. He’s a grumbling gumshoe with a CPU of gold. Valentine Reborn retains your robo-buddy’s rundown, crumbling exterior while giving him an HD makeover. His outfit in particular looks significantly higher quality. As a bonus, you get three eye colours to play around with and a Terminator-style metal skeleton for other Synths that you’ll come across.

    Better Companions

    Unfortunately, even Nick is a bit rubbish when it comes to fighting. And sneaking. And not getting lost or stuck. Companions can become a bit of a burden, frankly. Better Companions alleviates some of the issues, however, by making them better at switching weapons, and more importantly, the right weapons. It also adds a bunch of perks and tweaks that generally make them less of a pain in the arse, including unlimited ammo, improved stealth and improved accuracy. Finally you can configure your companions, modifying how close they stick to you and how aggressive they are.

    Everyone’s Best Friend

    Fallout 4’s best non-robot companion is, of course, Dogmeat, your loyal canine. He was meant to be like New Vegas’ ED-E and Rex, neither of which took up the single companion slot. He very much seems to be designed as an ‘extra’ buddy. His DPS is rubbish, his carrying capacity is low, and he can be used even when you’ve got the solo Lone Wanderer perk. For whatever reason, Bethesda changed their mind. This mod just follows through on their original plans for the doggo.

    Visible Companion Affinity

    What’s the point of friendship if you can’t see, exactly, how much they like you? Fallout 4’s companions each have their own moral compasses and ideas about how things should be done, and their affinity towards you rises and falls based on how closely your actions align with their views. But there’s no way to tell how much any given action changes their affinity. This mod clears that up, detailing the percentage increase along with the current affinity. You can also just ask your companions and the number will appear after they tell you how they feel.

    Says a lot that there is not one original companion as a mod. Wonder why? Voiced dialog maybe? Does Bethesda even give a shit about mods or is making money off them the only goal now? Imagine how dead Nexus will be in the future if this is the case...



    Fallout 4’s UI looks great but sucks to use. DEF_UI contains the DEF_HUD and DEF_INV mods that overhaul the game’s HUD and inventory. The former makes the HUD totally customisable, so you can move, remove and resize each element, and in some cases specific parts of an element. The latter contains a slew of inventory improvements, like replacing sorting tags with icons and adding new tabs that tidy up those messy screens. You will need an additional sorting mode, though.

    Valdacil’s Item Sorting

    Speaking of which! Valdacil’s Item Sorting renames and tags items so they’ll be easier to find in your inventory. It groups items by type; puts the most common, frequently used items near the top, for easy access; and it’s modular, so you can download extra files to customise it.

    Full Dialogue Interface

    Fallout 4’s dialogue interface is a mess. Like Mass Effect and other fully-voiced RPGs, it tries to distill dialogue options down to their essentials rather than describing exactly what you’ll say. Unfortunately, it distills them to the point of absurdity, so you never really know how your character will react. It’s not even necessary, given that you usually only speak in short, single sentences. Full Dialogue Interface simply brings back the traditional system where you select exactly what you’ll say. No more ruined friendships just because something was lost in translation.

    I will give this dialog mod a point since it attempts to fix one of the most glaring flaws...but it still can't fix how broken the system truly is. What does it matter if you can see the response when they are all the same?

    1 Point

    Easy Hacking

    Hacking terminals in Fallout is about as much fun as you’d expect from a word jumble, so instead of spending ages trying to pick the right password, download this Easy Hacking mod. If you’ve got a high enough skill, you’ll only be shown the right password, cutting out potentially hours of faffing around.

    Easy Lockpicking

    Exactly the same as above, but for lockpicking.

    Just have to comment on how most popular mods are simple shit like this.

    Faster Terminal Display

    Even with your new hacking skills, you’ll still spend quite a bit of time staring at terminal screens, waiting for them to boot up. Faster Terminal Display increases the speed at which text appears on the screen, up to 100 times the original speed, depending on which version of the mod you select, letting you read dead people’s emails and hack computers with limited hassle.

    Survival Options

    Survival Options is a configuration tool that will help you to create a custom survival experience. Instead of relying on the rules from Bethesda’s Survival Mode, you can tailor it, toggling on or off myriad options. Hunger, thirst, sickness, fatigue, fast travel, even how you save — they’re all there. The only things you can’t do are change the weight of items or how quickly you heal.

    This should have been in the main game, but Bethesda hate Obsidian for making a superior Fallout. Either that or they didn't even bother to play New Vegas to see what Obsidian did. I choose that option. Too much reading I bet.

    1 Point


    LooksMenu expands Fallout 4’s already robust character creation options. It’s easier to parse as you can see more of the customisation list, including things you’d normally have to click on a specific part of your character’s face to change; you can save and load presets, both your own and ones you’ve downloaded; and it offers up more hair colours. You can also use it to tweak characters you’re already playing with.

    2 out of 3

    Nope. I couldn't find three that would actually improve the game enough for me to attempt a playthrough. A bunch of visual weather/lighting nonsense, weapon customization, and tweaks to the UI. Did you see all of those quest mods? Amazing! It just works...barely enough for people to muster up the energy to mod for it.

    Wait that is it? Fallout: New Vegas is STILL getting amazing mods, but Fallout 4 gets canceled mods and what amounts to minor tweaks to numbers in the GECK from 1 to 0. This is a travesty. When people look back fondly at the series I doubt many aside from a FEW core fanatics will tink Fallout 4 is where the series should head in the future. I advise Bethesda (like they are listening) to turn the reins over to Obsidian and go make games with dragons and no skill checks.
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    These mods are wandering from one such list to another ever since 2016 and it's kinda outdated list. For instance, Full Dialogue Interface is substituted by Extended Dialogue Interface. And no good and worth mentioning quest mod came out, seriously? The absolute sad state of F4 modding. Even Someguy2000 jumped out of this bandwagon.
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  3. FROST is pretty great if you want to go STALKER and get a pretty sizeabe overhaul with its own backstory and changes to the overworld. I'd advice to turn off Survival Mode however, unless tweaked until comfort with other mods.
  4. 0wing

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    Mar 23, 2015
    That's pretty stupid comparison. Be my guest, feel free and oh PLEASE BE super offended. STALKER actually has a story, player must reach a specific goal, linear progression, there are actual characters to interact with, bandits > FROST's faceless hostiles, et cetera... FROST on the other hand is just survival for the sake of survival. No, "muh atmosphere" is not an argument.
  5. it is for STALKER :shrug: . The inspiration is clear and expressed by naugrim04 and it scratches the same itch so I'd say it's an apt comparison. That said, I don't think it's nowhere near as great as DUST, the equivalent for New Vegas, not yet.
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    Don't expect modders to fix a game that is bad because no respectable modder is going to waste his time and effort on a game that he doesn't already like to at least some degree. Fallout 4 is such an unlikeable, dead and hollow shell of a game that it can't inspire the love necessary to make modders passionate and motivated enough to really make something special.
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  7. Says you? The main issue is the release date and state of the GECK, which severely set back the mod scene. Not even FNV got anything THAT significant in the first couple of years. Even with Skyrim, which is easily the most broadly modded of the modern Gamebryo games, the really big dishes started coming out at least three years later, and only the last couple of years those fabled overhauls and TC's are coming out. Nevermind how modders don't have to answer for jack.
  8. 0wing

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    Wrong. Project Nevada first uploaded in feburary 2011.
  9. Wut? Nevermind it not being anywhere near today's version, it's "just" rebalances and tweaks. If that counts as major, Fallout 4 has plenty of such level.
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    What? No it wasn't just rebalance. All of the features were promised in pre-release trailers and news articles.

    And yes, Fallout 4 has plenty of gameplay overhauls and rebalances, it's true and I never said otherwise. The stuff is never listed in this article.

    Fallout 4 doesn't have any good quest mods. Some decent minor stuff at best.
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    If any of you enjoy someguy2000's mods I know he's been working on a new one for New Vegas. It's not going to be anything too grand like the bounties series. Just a bunch of side quest type things.
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    How is possible to be missing Sim Settlers it's expansions? That mod fixes the shameful settlements building system that Bethesda created completely.

    To mention other good mods not listed here:

    We are the minutemen, Better Goodneighbor, Diamond City Expansion, Minutemen Takeover - Nuka World

    I haven't tried any story mods yet, but there seem to be some, like Fusion City Rising, that might be good, but this things take a lot of time to make. I really think and hope that we'll see some great story mods in the future, cause Fallout 4 is the worst main entry in the franchise, but it plays better than any other, at least it does to me. How I long for the remake of F1 on this engine...
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    While I have no interest in ever playing FO4 again, I will say there was one very impressive mod that allowed you to download other peoples settlements which was great because I didn't want to spend anytime making them myself.
  14. Damn, that sounds really interesting. Full Animal Crossing.
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    We're all salty because mods will never be made to fix the game the way WE feel it should be. Fallout 4 has a strong main quest structure to build off of, all you really need to fix Fallout 4's main quest is recast Shawn, make him likable, give him the depth of say Willow from New Vegas, maybe rewrite the power structure of the Institute and make their motivations make sense. And of course, be able to tell the Underground to go underground in the Institute and BoS endings. And be able to talk your way in and out of Vault 14.

    What Fallout 4 needs is better side quests and side content. We don't need settlements, we need Helgen Reborn content for places like Salem and Concord. And the thing that rankles my bones? I want a rebuilt Boston, make Boston civilized and rebuilt like New Vegas. The dialogue wheel was disastrous, but it's not the end of the world. Fallout 4 is supremely fixable, but it seems modders don't want to fix a story. I don't blame them, but only because I have no modding talent. If Betham can look at Fallout 3 and make Quo Vagis there's no reason why he couldn't do it again, now that the dialogue expander has been released.

    And mind you, this won't make Fallout 4 a great game, but it would make it lackluster one, a poor man's New Vegas rather than a dipshit's version of Fallout 3. You'd need fantastic side content but the benefit of Fallout 4 is that a great quest can completely outshine vanilla.
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    ....yes.yes. But where is Fallout 5?
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    I just want to say as a representative of the "Beth Fallout games aren't the WORST thing ever" community, there are some good quest mods for FO4. One mod author by the name of Seddo4494 is making mods that seek to add one giant quest line per faction and DLC. And another mod author by the name of Otellino is making a mod that adds an entire Enclave path to the game. Yeah, these authors in particular give me hope that the modding scene in FO4 is not as dead as people make it seem, it just needs more time than NV. I recommend checking those guys out, they are filling the hole that Someguy prematurely left.
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    Mar 9, 2017
    That's really good news. It's just that more quests won't fix the central problems of Fallout 4: a wasted city (Boston), the gameplay loop, and the fact that there are radiers everywhere.

    What this town needs isn't more power struggles. I needs an alchemy system (of some type) more harvestable plants both to be planted and spawned in the world. It needs a Hunterborn style mod, preferably with real animals instead of feral Ghouls everywhere, and a way harvest and mix and match parts. It also needs a fishing mod.

    Hell, I'd pick the game back up if there was a Classic Fallout Weapons pack and a real animals mod. Then the game could be a lot of fun as long as I stay out of the Boston itself.
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    Very late to the party, but it seems as if Beth loves their repeating quests because they're hated by everyone. The Radiant Quest Marker and related mods is invaluable especially for first time playthroughs. Radiant quests are okay in MMOs, but they are a huge pain in the ass and a giant waste of time in FO4. The mod won't remove radiant quests as it could cause glitches and break immersion, but instead are tagged [R] to avoid repeating them.
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    I haven't played New Vegas yet, but I agree Fallout 4 misses a lot I loved in the classic Fallout 1 and 2 games. That being said, Fallout 4 has a lot of great mods that aren't mentioned above.

    I'm doing a second play through now as a Institute/Enclave Leader and having a lot of fun. Here are some highlights from my Nexus Mod Manager:


    Fusion City Rising - Don't let the strippers fool you. This is a well written quest mod with a plot.

    Outcasts and Remnants - Also awesome... I'm playing this one now. Just sent Preston Garvey to prison for betraying the Minutemen. All those radiant quests were just a ploy to keep you busy. bastard

    *Tales of the Commonwealth (I haven't played this one yet, but it's supposed to be really good. I'll do this next)

    Enclave Resurgent - Your Minutemen join forces with the Enclave to take over the commonwealth. This mod is a little half-baked, but I still highly recommend it.

    America Rising - More Enclave. Do this after the above.

    Bounties for You - Quest // Karma type mod. You'll face a platoon of bounty hunters after doing the Enclaves dirty work.

    Shield Bubble - Not much of a quest, but you'll need this thing with the gameplay mods below.


    Critical Hits Outside of VATS - I don't use VATS, so this is nice.

    Deadly Wasteland - This mod does a lot. Food no longer heals you. HP has more to do with race and your's doesn't increase much. Less HP for all humans and guns all buffed. You can't keep plugging stim packs.

    Damage Threshold

    Better Power Armor - Integrates Damage threshold

    Damage Threshold Locational Damage and Bleeding

    Damage Threshold for Turrets

    Fire - Grenades - Explosions Enhanced - Explosions are deadly. Power armor will not save you...

    Pack Attack

    Realistic Guns and Bullets Overhaul - Damage values make a lot more sense with this.

    Stronger Robots

    These gameplay mods make Fallout 4 radically harder and more dangerous. You will run. You will die a lot. Bleed. Broken bones. Addiction.


    Better Companions

    Cait as Female Half Super Mutant Character

    Nora Spouse - This unlocks a lot of new dialogue with the base game

    Unlimited Companion Framework


    CBBE plus BodySlide and Outfit Studio

    Commonwealth Cuts

    Immersive Lovers Embrace

    Nuclear Nude CBBE

    PhyOp Re-Textures

    Pampas Outfits

    Sim Settlements (base, Industrial Revolution and Rise of the Commonwealth)

    Synth Overhaul


    Boston FPS Fix

    ENB - I spent some time dialing things in to work the best with my modest Radeon 390 graphics card

    Filmwork Shop (ENB Enhancer so you can use classic film looks. As a video guy, I'm using a straight KodaChrome LUT)

    Insignificant Object Remover

    Natural & Atmospheric Commonwealth (This works with Film workshop)

    I'll skip the gear mods except to say start with Armorsmith Extended.


    This is my curated Fallout 4 mod list for playing in 2018. Also, watch for the huge Cascadia total replacement mod on the horizon. That looks exciting.

    As soon as I finish this play through I'll be giving New Vegas a try!

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