Brian Fargo on Wasteland 2's development schedule

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    Apr 3, 2003
    The RPGCodex offers some comments from Brian Fargo outlining some of Wasteland 2's development scheduling.<blockquote>"The best production process is pretty fluid", Brian Fargo told us via email, "so I hate to commit to exactly how things roll out but I can tell you that 90% of the writing/design will happen by October. Scripting will start in about a month from now on the levels that are done. I plan to have all levels in and scripted by April thus leaving another 6 months for iteration and play test. The only reason we have the ability to have an accelerated production schedule is that the tools and user generated assets offer us a huge head start over the old ways of doing things. In addition, I am not having to make milestones to prove we are making progress which shaves another 25%. But I have been offered an fantastic and unique opportunity to make something special with Wasteland so I will not let the game go it isn't ready and I will have lots of beta testers to make sure that doesn't happen."</blockquote>He also comments on the feedback of the pre-alpha screenshot.
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    Sounds interesting. Also hoping they're taking their time with it.
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    That is one of my main concerns. I hope we don't get a rushed product. I suppose that is the main reason for the usage of Unity assets.
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    Its almost like this is a modding project.... yet the only difference is, they will actually deliver. hahaha So sad that most mods started never get completed.