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  1. Throatpunch

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    Apr 14, 2016
    Hi guys, I thought I'd make a thread about Bushcraft.

    Bushcraft is one of my favourite things to learn about, and I was wondering if you guys were interested.
    Before I begin, I know many of you saw my thread advocating prepping/survival skills. This is something totally different.
    Wilderness survival refers to short-term survival in an emergency in “the wilderness.” You are doing anything and everything to get out of the wild.
    However, bushcraft is a skill set that will allow you to stay in the wild for the long-term. Bushcraft is knowledge of how to live in the wilderness, not just visit it. It’s about knowing how to use the trees, low-lying plants, and animals of the ecosystem you find yourself in. It’s more than just getting the job done at all costs.

    When I go walking in the woods and hiking it is beneficial for me.
    "Wise Hikers carry few essentials and tools with them on their journey's; instead of extra equipment they carry the knowledge and skills needed to create essential items straight from the landscape"

    Definitions of Bushcraft:
    “Skill in anything pertaining to bush country, as in finding one’s way, hunting or finding water.”
    “Ability or experience in matters concerned with living in the bush.”
    “Skills gained by, or necessary for, living in the bush"

    The five C's of survival:

      • Cutting tool
      • Combustion device
      • Cover
      • Container that can boil water
      • Cordage

      • A good fixed blade knife - Clearly that qualifies as a cutting tool. Check out K-Bars, and especially the excellent value Morakniv's
      • Cordage - I recommended always wearing a survival bracelet so you have useful cordage with you at all times. I have a survival bracelet and 30 feet of para-cord.
    Many Bushcraft books are available, for example:
    • Ray Mears Essential Bushcraft
    • Dave Canterbury's Bushcraft 101
    • Dave Canterbury's Advanced Bushcraft
    • Ray Mea'rs Outdoor survival handbook
    This isn't meant to pressure you guys into doing anything, just a friendly bit of advice about a cool subject.
    I am passionate about it, so of course I wanna spread the knowledge to others.

    PS: If you are purchasing a fixed blade, be VERY careful, if you walk around with fixed blade in the UK without a purpose (so say you aren't bushcrafting), it's 5 years in jail.
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  2. kraag

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    Dec 26, 2015
    I don't mind the odd fixed blade knife myself, but if I'm surviving I'll be taking along my firearms too.

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  3. dopezilla

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    Nov 6, 2015
    This makes me sad that there is no actual bush in my country. Guns and knives are tricky too, as any blade longer than 15cm is forbidden to carry out in the open and guns are a definite no-no.

    It's a cool skill to master, though, but I'm more basement dweller material anyway.
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  4. Throatpunch

    Throatpunch Banned

    Apr 14, 2016
    I can see the fixed blades there, but are those throwing knives?
    Well I can't blame you, those are some nice guns, and will be useful when hunting.
    However, have you ever considered trapping?

    In my country, if you have a reason to carry, they are cool with it, say it's a part of your job or your on a Bushcraft/survival course/trip.

    Its certainly is!

    No problems with that at all, remember I am just recommending something cool, not pressing people into doing things.

    Oh and your avatar, the ghoul, is awesome (:
  5. kraag

    kraag Stalwart Prick

    Dec 26, 2015
    No throwing knives for me, I like it up close and personal ;) All fixed blades except three folders upper left, no dagger-style blades allowed in Australia except for collectors. I'll be fucked if I'm going to pay the government for a piece of paper that says I'm "allowed" to own a certain type of tool.
    I've considered it but the traps we are allowed to use are rubber-coated because PETA whingers don't want us to use bare metal teeth*. They cost too much compared to 5c per shot for a .22lr. Plus you gotta leave traps overnight for any returns, rifles provide insta-meals provided you're a good shot. Can't use snare traps in Australia either.

    I've seen all of Ray Mears stuff, it's pretty good, he's a very knowledgeable fellow. I also like Les Stroud [survivorman] & Les Hiddens [bush tucker man], equally as informative as Ray.

    *more on PETA: they need to take into consideration the damage that feral introduced species of animal can do to the native species. Absolute devastation and sometimes total extinction of natives. Foxes for example, when hungry enough, will eat their own young. They are known to attack full sized cattle and farmers come out in the morning to see their income on the ground with its guts hanging out crying in pain - from one hungry fox.

    Then we have the absolute morons that live in large cities like sardines in a tin can that think "saving" foxes is a cool thing to do - https://www.facebook.com/SydneyFoxRescue/ - These utter fuckwits actually want to be able to domesticate these feral beasts and walk them around on leashes like fucking pet dogs! Anyway, enough talk of those ignorant fools.

    For me, Bushcraft isn't a thing I need to think about, it is how I live my life. It's been second nature to me since I was brought up that way by my parents. Every day I tend my garden, feed my animals and stock my freezer with meat every other few days. I also barter what I have spare with other locals whom have things I need.

    Question for you, You're in the UK? Did the government there actually install "knife deposit bins" for people to willingly hand in their illegal knives anonymously?
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  6. MutantScalper

    MutantScalper Dogmeat

    Nov 22, 2009
    Be careful when going bushcrafting in Australia, I've seen Crodocile Dundee and know about all the critters you have in bush over there. And it's the little buggers you have to really worry about, things like mites and ticks that can give you Lyme's disease etc. Plus in tropics you probably have more similar diseases. Little venomous spiders etc.
  7. Throatpunch

    Throatpunch Banned

    Apr 14, 2016
    :D, I know a guy who has a punch weapon and some nunchuks, which are illlegal. They can't just march in and take it, and he is not going to mail it to them. The government can ban things, but they cannot enforce the bans if people owned the item before the ban
    This happened.
    What a stupid idea, if I had an proper illegal fighting knife that I paid for I would not just put it in one of their bins so they can melt it down and make a plaque commemorating stab victims.
    Everyone else does though, and even though most of these people are positive they aren't going to stab someone, they still put their knives in the disposal bin, knives they payed for.
    I just can't understand paying real money for a knife, and then putting it in a bin for the police to melt it down.
    They even want legal ones, why would I put any of my legal knives that I payed for, and use, in one of the bins?
    Yeah if that is so it's probably wiser to save money and stick with your guns, instead of buying rubber coated traps.
    Can't use snare traps! That must be infuriating, even our pussified government lets us use snare traps.

    On the subject of PETA, I am fine with being pro animal, but they are pro animal for all the wrong reasons.
    If they went and campaigned for white rhinos or endangered birds, and became anti poaching, I might have some respect for them.
    I agree there
    They constantly waste time campaigning for the welfare of animals that there are massive populations of (19 billion chickens), and never focus on the endangered ones.
    Do they honestly think sitting outside KFC dressed as a chicken is going to stop me going in and getting 2 bargain buckets and chips?
    These kinds of cretins annoy me more than those idiots who own those stupid little mini pig things.
    Foxes are wild animals, and animals arent designed to show deference to humans and be pets.
    I hate the arses who sit in their stupid enclosed houses in the city, zombified, and addicted to their stupid Iphones, without any outdoors skills at all, getting slowly fatter, and then they look down on me for being weird, me wanting to get away from it all. I would be alright with them not wanting to go outside, and disliking what I do, if they weren't so condescending about it.
    Ray Mears is excellent. Never watched much of Les Stroud's stuff, might do soon. I have just started watching Les Hiddins, and he is great.
    Thanks for telling me about him.
    Thank god you don't watch Bear Grylls, his show is absolutely disgraceful.
    I love Dave Canterbury personally, from the pathfinder school in Ohio, he is an expert, and wrote a brilliant book called Bushcraft 101, and Advanced Bushcraft, which I'll soon be getting.

    Yeah, I would expect its like that for a lot of people in Rural Australia. Respect to you mate.
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  8. kraag

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    Dec 26, 2015
    Indeed. Almost as pathetic as Cody Lundin.
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  9. Throatpunch

    Throatpunch Banned

    Apr 14, 2016
    That was the idiot who went and drunk outta insect infested water that was green.

    "as far as a survival siltation in the desert, with the clearness of water your really not gonna be picky".
    The most stupid quote ever to come out of someone mouth, this seriously worries me
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  10. kraag

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    Dec 26, 2015
    Not to mention going bare-foot in sub-zero temperature climates. I reckon that series is just guff designed to disinform people about real survival skills.
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  11. Throatpunch

    Throatpunch Banned

    Apr 14, 2016
    I agree.
    The problem is he most popular survival shows are the ones with the retards in them, because people love watching idiots do stupid shit. I cant understand it.
    Going bare foot in sub zero temperature?
    Well its his toes that will be chopped off after frostbite
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  12. The Vault Dweller

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    Aug 24, 2004
    As someone who is a nature lover I've gone and go hiking often. As someone who is curious and also a worrier I know the basic skills in case of emergency. It helps that my Father was an avid outdoorsman and that I am a Biologist who has studied a lot about nature. There's plenty I haven't tried to learn and that I don't carry the tools for (like fire building or camp making), but I only go out for the afternoon and I have knowledge of the surroundings such that I won't get lost and I know where/how to exit.

    In fact I'd like to admit no matter how many times I've tried on family trips in the past I was never able to light a fire without the use of some modern aid like a prepared log or burning fluid.
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  13. MutantScalper

    MutantScalper Dogmeat

    Nov 22, 2009
    Being going out a little although it's winter. It's not super cold, only about -10 deg Celcius which feels kinda warm. Made a fire and roasted some sausages. Managed to break my knife which I think I will retire to kitchen duty from now on.
  14. eissa

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    Jan 7, 2016
    try doing it in middle of steppe after archery, Drink yoghurt and eating kefir (or vice-versa) and end up doing duvan-style throat singing. Feels like a proper nomad
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  15. MutantScalper

    MutantScalper Dogmeat

    Nov 22, 2009
    Wonder what my best camping experience has been? Trip to northern Norway was pretty good. Some pretty memorable times in the military service and refreshener exercises. When I go abroad I always try to eat local food. If I happen to catch fish it usually tastes good when prepared on a fire.
  16. Buxbaum666

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    Dec 5, 2003






    Learn to cite your sources when quoting directly.

    The rest:
    I'd say 1.5/7 for effort.
  17. MutantScalper

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    Nov 22, 2009
    One of the channels I follow on YT is a German guy, blackforestghost, who tests knives and stuff, hard. Hard abuse test. Haven't yet started buying those expensive knives but I do know some buy them.
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  18. Buxbaum666

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    Dec 5, 2003
    Good, that's what I was going for.
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    It's too bad Buxbaum doesn't like you. But then again, who does?