Enclave question.

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  1. Xerox77

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    Feb 2, 2015
    Hello, I had a question about Enclave location. I've played Fallout2 for many years, since 2000.
    I never succeeded in killing everybody in the Enclave. I've tried many times with different characters. No matter how many lives I had, etc., I always ended up killed in some part of it.

    I would like to know, has anyone ever done that? (I don't mean killing the prisoners at Enclave, but only the soldiers and those who live there.)

    I really wish I could do that, because its a challenge for me.

    I will keep on trying to build a character that is able to do it.

    (I don't mean the Frank Horrigan . I am always able to kill him, and after a few tries with a weaker character.)

    I am so curious and I don't have any friends who play Fallout 2 a lot, so I had to register on this forum so that I have a chance to ask most experienced people.

  2. Grotesque

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    Oct 16, 2006
    Build a character around criticals, lots of stimpacks and ammo for your gauss rifle and you're good to go
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    Dec 26, 2010
    I have never managed it myself - simply because I never tried - but the above post would work the trick, I believe. I had such a character in one of my playthroughs, maxed with all the implants and high Small Guns skill (IIRC, Gauss is Small Guns), and he was a grim reaper. Lots of Stimpaks and nothing could stand in the way.
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    It's easy. But it does require that you do some experience farming in the wasteland, in order to bring your hit points to preferably 500 or more, and to collect all the necessary Perks. You need to take two ranks of Lifegiver as soon as the perk is available, to make the hitpoints start their quick accumulation as early as possible. Then you should have the following:

    Agility 10
    Luck 9 or 10.
    2x Action Boy
    Bonus Rate of Fire
    Fast Shot (it's a trait, you can use the Mutate! perk to choose it even if you didn't do so when creating the character)
    Better Criticals
    2x Toughness
    And remember to become the Heavyweight Boxing Champion of Northern California, since that gives a massive boost to your resistance to Normal damage. I believe the boost is +12 Damage Threshold, and 5% to Damage Resistance.

    Use the Hubologist Zeta Scan in NCR to increase your luck by 2 for free. Save before trying. Use also the Gain Luck perk if needed.

    This should be enough already. You then need to have a Small Guns skill at around 150%. I'd say the best weapon to use with this build is the PPK12 Gauss Pistol, not the rifle. The pistol will score 6 critical hits per turn (thanks to the high Luck and Sniper), each of which has a 20% chance of being an instant-death critical (thanks to Better Criticals). This typically results in 2 to 5 dead Enclave guards in a turn. The Alien Blaster is even deadlier since it does slightly more damage and can fire 30 times before reloading, but its range is too limited to solely rely on.

    If you want to be truly invincible, also take:

    2x Bonus Ranged Damage
    2x Bonus Move
    Living Anatomy

    Then bring your Big Guns skill to 150% or so. The optimal weapon combination then becomes Gauss Pistol in one hand, Vindicator Minigun in the other. This minigun really profits from Bonus Ranged Damage, each rank of which boosts its damage per round by 3HP for a total bonus of 6HP of extra damage per round with two levels of the perk, multiplied by 25 rounds per burst attack. The Vindicator can then shoot 3 critical bursts in each round, which virtually guarantee 3 dead Enclave guards per round, as long as the line of fire is clear. The Gauss Pistol will kill most Enclave guards with 1 or 2 shots, and the Vindicator kills anything at close range with 1 burst. This kind of character build actually has a reasonable chance of killing Frank Horrigan single-handedly in one turn, as seen in this video.
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    You're overthinking it imho.
    With classic OP build you can easily kill Enclave guys with .44 magnum revolver, having like 6 shoots per round, or even with BB gun, having those 0 dmg criticals, what kills instantly.

    Basically, look there if you need something:
    Per covered almost everything.
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