Fallout 1 what do i do after vault 15

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    IFOUNDLUNCHBALL First time out of the vault

    Apr 12, 2021
    I am for the first time playing fallout 1 and am mostly blind to it i could google it but i don't want direct spoilers i went to vault 15 but the bottom is ruins and i have no ideas where to go shady sands wont help me so could i please get a hint and less of a blunt answer to help me out. Also as a side note i have put no points is speech and have a charisma of 1.
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    Did you fully explore Vault 15 levels? Your OP is not clear. :|

    I recommend hunting down the scorpions for Aradesh. Stealing people's pockets in the village, as well.
    This will add to your experience bar, and enable the option of betting, in another location at a later point in the game.
    Edit: And I suggest talking with the blonde girl at Shady Sands entrance. She has useful information, and you will gain some exp.
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    I recommend to approach the game as your character might; only steal if they would. Know that the Sneak skill also masks your actions while others are present; it's not just for picking pockets, it's for secretly inspecting shelves and containers, even in the presence of their owners.

    *It's possible to assassinate using Sneak on the first attack in the first round of combat; success (killing the enemy during the round) means the crowd didn't notice it.

    The usual path is South, South-East. There is an NPC in Shady Sands' flop house (East of the village entrance), but that low Charisma will make him expensive.
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    Oh, and I know that if you've interacted with the terminal when you started F1, near the Vault entrance, you wasn't exactly treated warmly. And that apparently they refused to let Ed in, and the rats happily filled their bellies with his entrails.
    Despite all that, at the point you are right now, it should be possible to access all the levels in Vault 13. I recommend going back, there's stuff to do there (I'm being vague because you don't want to be spoiled).
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    First of all, talk to Seth in the entrance of Shady Sands and talk about the Raiders, with marks the location of raiders on your map. Second, talk to Ian, first house to the right and talk about both Junktown and The Hub, both location will be put under your map.

    Now, if you did not completed the Rad Scorpions quest, do it now, either by killing everyone there ou putting a bomb in the weak part of the cave with a dynamite that you encounter in Vault 15 (I kill almost every scorpion, then blow the entrance, just for the XP), and if possible, take at least 1 radscorpion tail, so that Razlo can make a cure, and then you can cure the poisoned guy in the room in Razlo house, grants you 400 XP and some good karma Also, before the Scorpions quest, it would be good to take Ian to your party, since he is a killing machine and helps a lot.

    Now you can go the Raiders camp and maybe do the quest for the leader. It will grant you -4 points of Karma, put is a really easy quest and grants you 500 XP, besides these -4 points are nothing, since good karma is not hard to get. Also, one thing that I recommend is to steal the Raiders, not everything they have, but just the Stimpacks, Drugs (including the drinks) and the Molotovs, and if possible get the Grenade and the magazine that is located close to the bathroom. You can kill the Raiders, but I sugest not yet.

    Go to Shady Sands, talk to Seth. If he talks about Tandi and how she got taken by Raiders, then it means that you got another quest to do. If not, wait some days and go back until you got this dialog from him. Also, if you got this dialog, you can talk to Aradesh for more information and a free Spear.

    Go to the Raiders Camp, talks to the leader. You can convice him to let her go if you have enough speech, buy her or kill all Raiders to free her (dont recommend the letter, since the raiders start attacking Tandi and she dies very easily, so be careful if you do decide to take out the Raiders). Also, if you do kill the Raiders, use Psycho and at least 1 Buffout, it helps becuse of the damage, oh and take their loot (especially their armor).

    After that, take Tandi to Shady Sands, and you get a nice ton of XP.

    After that, go to Junktown and continue your journey, and good luck.

    IFOUNDLUNCHBALL First time out of the vault

    Apr 12, 2021
    thanks all for the advice i found the water chip
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