Fallout 2 Restoration Project 2.1.2b (Unofficial Expansion)

Discussion in 'Fallout General Modding' started by killap, Sep 18, 2010.

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  1. Yamu

    Yamu Le Fromage Vieux oTO Moderator Orderite Board Cop oTO

    Jul 26, 2003
    I've run into a couple of bugs at The Abbey. I don't know if these have been reported yet, but I couldn't find them given a cursory search:

    *When you equip a bottle of the Abbey wine as your active item, the picture is completely screwed up-- it appears to be sliced into pieces and displayed all over the "active item" button, like someone dumped out the pieces to a puzzle.

    *When initiating dialogue with the merchant that asks you to fix the Abbey's water pump, if you choose the "If you're going to be an asshole about it, forget it" option, he apologizes to you as normal, but if you offer to help after that, he repeats the dialog as if you used the "asshole" line again even though your dialogue tree treats it as if you'd agreed to take on the quest. You've got to end conversation and talk to him again, skipping the "asshole" line, in order to get him to give you the job.
  2. Glovz

    Glovz Vault Dweller

    Sep 16, 2005
    Check here: http://falloutmods.wikia.com/wiki/Restoration_Project_bug_reports

    If the issue(s) is not there then please add it.

  3. Darek

    Darek is currently unavailable

    Jan 7, 2008
    Speaking of Fire geckos and fixes... They are missing a "DODGE" animation.
    They do have the normal unarmed "dodge", but as they are equipped with flame breath (which is counted as a heavy weapon) that will not play.
    So they need a heavy weapon dodge animation, but luckily that is very simple to fix. Just extract MAFIREAN.FRM from critter.dat and rename it to MAFIREKE.FRM.

    So maybe you could add that to your "goodie bag" Pixote? (Yeah I could easily upload it, but as it take the same amount of time for someone else to just create it and it's better to have as much as possible in the same place, or stuff tend to get lost. That and I'm a bit lazy ;))
  4. Aeschylus

    Aeschylus First time out of the vault

    Mar 11, 2012
    i wanna romance kitsune.... just saying
  5. Glovz

    Glovz Vault Dweller

    Sep 16, 2005
    One true love interest might not be bad, but this being the RP, if nothing about that was mentioned previously in the Fallout Bible, code comments, or developers after thought ramblings then we're out of luck until someone adds a mod.
  6. Aeschylus

    Aeschylus First time out of the vault

    Mar 11, 2012
    miria just doesn't cut the mustard... and more evil chars would be nice... currently killin it up with dex, skynet, 2 dogs, myron...
  7. .Pixote.

    .Pixote. Antediluvian as Feck

    Sep 14, 2009
    All the geckos are missing the electric death sequences, an oversight from BlackIsle...to build one from scratch will be tricky, the developers were pretty sloppy with the critters animations. I'm sure other monsters are also missing animations, let alone the people. :roll:

    I'll add the critter fix to the basket of goodies for Killap.


    If anyone notices missing animations drop us a message here...how do you know an animation is missing, well if you notice a particular critter/person never dies a particular way - melt - explode - dodge, etc, while all the other critters do - then the chances are its missing the animation.

    For me I was testing the game with a critter with 300% skills in everything, and carry a pulse rife, and I noticed everything was fried to a crisp when it died, except the small pigrats - because the animation was missing. Now the animation has been fixed the pigrats turn crispy when hit by the pulse rife. Roast pork, yum yum.

    (Do we need a food system for Fallout?). :look:
  8. bruce

    bruce First time out of the vault

    Feb 25, 2011

    food system is good idea but i think only restoration hit points egz. iguana stick 10 points, fruit 7 points.
    What do you think .Pixote. ???
  9. AelpirT

    AelpirT First time out of the vault

    Feb 24, 2012
    Re: ;)

    I believe .Pixote. was thinking more along the lines of yummy-looking plasma-fried pig-rats and geckos going to waste, actually... ;)

    It's unlikely that a food system would ever be implemented in Fallout, I think. Leaving aside the quite insurmountable technical obstacles, a properly implemented food system would totally transform the game to the point that practically a new game system would have to be developed from the ground up to maintain any semblance of balance.

    Remember the whole brouhaha over a minor fix to one quest not too long ago...?
  10. Dravean

    Dravean Where'd That 6th Toe Come From?

    Mar 6, 2005
    Good to hear someone is using Dex. He's the first thing I ever wrote for the RP, so I've got a soft spot for the fella.
  11. Darek

    Darek is currently unavailable

    Jan 7, 2008
    The devs did start on one but never finished it.
     General commands STOMACH(ha stomach, ha ha ha) info
    // these are the different amounts food fills the stomach
    #define starting_stomach_full          (75)
    #define drink_meal                     (5)
    #define snack_meal                     (10)
    #define light_meal                     (25)
    #define medium_meal                    (50)
    #define large_meal                     (75)
    #define huge_meal                      (90)
    // these are macros for dealing with the stomach
    #define max_stomach_size               (100 + (2 * (dude_endurance - 10)))
    #define dude_stomach_amt               (global_var(GVAR_DUDE_STOMACH))
    #define dude_can_eat_food(amt)         ((dude_stomach_amt + amt) <= max_stomach_size)
    #define dude_eat_food(amt)             inc_global_var(GVAR_DUDE_STOMACH, amt);                             \
                                           if (global_var(GVAR_DUDE_STOMACH) <0> max_stomach_size) then     \
    #define dude_stomach_percent_full      ((100 * dude_stomach_amt) / max_stomach_size)
    #define dude_stomach_full              (dude_stomach_percent_full >= 95)
    #define dude_stomach_hungry            (dude_stomach_percent_full <= 5)
    #define dude_can_eat(x)                ((dude_stomach_amt + x) <= max_stomach_size)
    // these are so that a pid can be compared to see which food class it is
    #define pid_is_drink_pid(x)            ((x==PID_NUKA_COLA) or (x==PID_BEER) or (x==PID_BOOZE) or (x==PID_WATER_FLASK))
    #define pid_is_snack_pid(x)            ((x==PID_IGUANA_ON_A_STICK) or (x==PID_MEAT_ON_A_STICK))
    #define pid_is_light_meal_pid(x)       ((x==PID_BOX_OF_NOODLES) or (x==PID_FROZEN_DINNER))
    #define pid_is_medium_meal(x)          false    // this is because we don't have any generic items that qualify
    #define pid_is_large_meal(x)           false    // this is because we don't have any generic items that qualify
    #define pid_is_huge_meal(x)            false    // this is because we don't have any generic items that qualify
    #define dude_has_fast_metabolism       (has_trait(TRAIT_OBJECT,dude_obj,TRAIT_fast_metabolism))
    #define amt_food_digested_in_time(x)   (((1 + dude_has_fast_metabolism) * (game_time - x)) / (ONE_GAME_MINUTE * 3))
    A pig rat roast would probably slot in there as a huge meal. :)
    Anyway, keep up the good work.

    EDIT: Not saying I would necessarily want one, but could always be added as an optional.
  12. .Pixote.

    .Pixote. Antediluvian as Feck

    Sep 14, 2009
    Really - that's so interesting. I wonder how difficult it would be to finish it. I would love to be a cannibal, it would give those bounty hunters another reason to hunt me down. People...yum yum. :mrgreen:

    Question: Does the player gain any extra stats bonuses from very high positive/negative karma in Fallout 2.
  13. Dravean

    Dravean Where'd That 6th Toe Come From?

    Mar 6, 2005
    Yeah, if it were implemented, it would certainly need to be optional, as it's such a major alteration of the game.
  14. smilodom

    smilodom Look, Ma! Two Heads!

    Apr 17, 2008
  15. Aeschylus

    Aeschylus First time out of the vault

    Mar 11, 2012
    yeah Dex is coo, on a side note been playing icewind dale+expansions on graveyard shifts at work out of boredom aswell as my evil playerthrou of fallout... pitty if you pick slaver it virtually means everyone else hates you ;D
  16. Glovz

    Glovz Vault Dweller

    Sep 16, 2005
    I don't remember how Vault City treats slavers but its not inconceivable to think some in Vault City might at least tolerate a slaver.

    Also maybe one of the families in New Reno should have a positive outlook on the player being a slaver.

    Just some thoughts.
  17. Darek

    Darek is currently unavailable

    Jan 7, 2008
    It's actually already in the game, you start the game with a full stomach - and from there everything goes wrong. The timer for calculating digestion is used in an incorrect way and with the wrong values. Then there's a bug with the stomach getting filled by itself sometimes when you load a game. We also have the problem that three of the meal types are completely missing from the game (would have to add new items), and finally there is no trace of what's supposed to happen when you are starving.

    After having looked at a bit I find it rather useless. Would be better off to just take some ideas from it and make a new food system.
  18. Calfen

    Calfen First time out of the vault

    Oct 9, 2010
    Hello guys.
    First and foremost, I would like to express great gratitude and respect to all who work(ed) on Restoration project. You are simply amazing! Thank you ((bows in respect))!

    Secondly, I would appreciate any advice on what other mods can I run (and anyone would recommend) together with RP.
    I am mainly interested in content focused on stories integrated inside general Fallout canon. But I don't mind anything novel, unless it directly conflicts with the fallout setting. Also new (in F2 sense) items, quests (small and big) are welcome.
    I played F2 (I am obviously emotionally attached), FT (completed couple of times, tried some mods, but I am generally missing the role-play there, but I do love the tactical combat style), F3 (tons of mods, since I play The Elder Scrolls III and IV with hundreds of them and the design is pretty much the same). From time to time, I play FOnline, where I really like the crafting system (mining all the resources, repairing, some quests...), guards. On the other hand, the constant deathmatch and a lack of proper storyline is kinda downside for me - still, it is Fallout.
    I just wish to make one last run through F2 with just everything I can fit in. Well, that is what I wished the last time :D

    PS: One of my biggest game dreams would be a Fallout game that would somehow integrate all fallouts environment, lore, and partially stories from east to west coast (both the isometric the F3 engine would be good). Well, the second is sort of the same thing for TES I-V+ integrating all Tamriel in one game. I know, it is not going to happen, but a man can dream...
  19. Lavo

    Lavo First time out of the vault

    Dec 1, 2010
    Hello. Lately I tried to replay RP, but unfortunately I got this error, which occurs when I enter certain locations.

    It happened every time I entered Primitive Village. Happened also in Vault City.

    I reinstalled game (I even started new game to be sure that save game isn't corrupted) and still I get this error. Tried to change resolution and some other graphic options, but nothing seems to help.

    OS: Windows 7
    Mods installed: RP + Miria mods

    It's all weird, because I remember I played this game with THE SAME VERSIONS of mods about a year ago and I didn't have such problems... The only thing that changed is my PC and OS.
  20. Dux

    Dux First time out of the vault

    Feb 3, 2009
    I think someone (or maybe even me) posted this question a looong time ago, but is there an option to highlight items on the ground?
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