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    Several Fallout 3 developers with varying levels of relevance have commented on some features of Fallout (note how none of them are developer. C'est la vie):<blockquote>What do you think of child killing in fallout past games and what porpose it had (in you opinion) in those games?

    Ricardo Gonzalez (interface programmer): To be honest, I never tried it out. Slaver-killing, check. Mutie-killing, check. Never crossed-off child-killing with any of my characters; even my bad-ass ones just ignored them, or at worst, stole back whatever those urchins in The Den stole from me. What do I think the purpose of killing a child was? Hmm..depends on why you did it, I guess.

    Gary Noonan (character animator): I say anything goes. It isnt real. Isnt that the whole idea of games?

    Dan Ross (QA): The only time it ever came up for me was because of splash damage. Children basically turned into a device to complicate my options in combat, since killing them wasn't really a viable option. "Oh I'm a bad dude... oh look the game isn't fun now."

    What diffrences do you see between super mutants from fallout 1 and from fallout 3? Or what do you see (what makes them look original, color, eyes or so) that makes them look as they do in Fallout 1?

    Ricardo: From the screenshots we've seen, I'd say the two big differences I spot are the lack of the endearing lip-holster and less bulky shoulders. Overall, I guess the new mutants are more anthropomorphically toned. Maybe they found some old Pilates holotapes?

    Gary: Sprites vs 3d models? Large textures? Skeletal physics? The idea wasnt to make them "original" but to stick as close as possible to the Supermutants everyone has learned to love and to bring them to the 3d world. I think we have done a pretty damned good job of it so far and I hope you all agree when we are finished.

    Dan: I have yet to actually check the old "how many heads" style proportions on them both, so I dunno. Ours are pretty cut though. I'm thinking that a hardened/underground 24 Hour Fitness musta survived the bombs.

    Wich is your favorite settlement or organization of past fallout games (fallout 1 & 2)?

    Ricardo: Any of the BoS centers, those bastions of sweet tech and swishing doors. I especially dug talking to the half-sentient ZAX in San Francisco that was starting to lose it a little and just beginning to figure out was "it" was.

    Gary: I was always a big Enclave fan. Their armor always looked cooler than the BoS IMHO and they had no need to Boy Scout tactics like the BoS. Screw saving the world.... own it.

    Dan: I really didn't like any of the organizations or settlements... none of them would do as I commanded immediately. I'm gonna have to go back and purge them for their impertinence.

    If you were to add, change and/or remove anything out of Fallout 1 and Fallout 2, what would that be?

    Gary: Add, change, or remove? Boy, I can smell a set up a mile away. Is there really a correct answer for this one without getting flak from any numer of people? How about if I just say nope, FO 1&2 were golden?

    Dan: Having to open the skill menu over and over and over and over and over to use a skill repeatedly. (doctor, first aid, lockpick etc...)

    Analyzing the weapons selection in fallout 1, why do you think the most common weapons of today (Like M16, Kalashnikov) were not included? (tricky one i know

    Gary: My only guess would be that it was a design decision. Not much I can add there, especially since I wasnt part of it. Hunt down Tim Cain.... I am sure he would love to talk about it. ;)

    Dan: Is this one of those trick questions where there is a right answer that the old devs gave and I don't understand Fallout if I don't know it? I'm gonna go with more generic = less real-life detail to get wrong = fewer problems with suspension of disbelief.

    What kind of simillarities do you see (when thinking back) between Mad Max movies and Fallout series (1 & 2)?

    Gary: I never really saw much of a comparison. I wanted to, but I see different things. Besides a nuclear wasteland and a bunch of ragtag civilizations with the occasional damage control, thats about it. The Mad Max world is dull in comparison to FO.

    Dan: You mean like the one sleeved leather jacket, or like how production progressed in real life and finding distributors etc?</blockquote>Link: thread on BGSF.

    Spotted on Fallout 3: A post nuclear blog.
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    VXSS and Dan Ross also replied, and to other questions too, I'll post about it tonight.
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    Oh, so they have:
    "The idea wasnt to make them "original" but to stick as close as possible to the Supermutants everyone has learned to love and to bring them to the 3d world" - VXSS


    I'll edit my post a bit.

    Ok, edited.

    Now, seriously...
    Sometimes I worry that they actually believe this. That their anatomically correct, pumped-up 7-foot supermutants are actually "as close as possible to the Supermutants everyone has learned to love" as they can get.

    And that's awful. I mean, it's bad that they'd change it, but its worst if they can't even recognise they're changing it for the worst. That means they're not just changing Fallout, they're changing it because they don't understand any of it.

    The same worry came over me with the BoS faction description. Imagine if they actually think that backstory makes any sense in Fallout's world. Could they be so ignorant?
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    haha, oho, wow.


    could it be any more obvious that the dude never played FO1?
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    The BoS were boyscouts? I thought they were a collective of reclusive xenophobes bent on preserving technology like a religion...

    I don't recall them being too keen on saving the world, just you (if you played it that way)
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    Sigh doesn't anyone read the manual?
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    What did you like in Fallout, then? I think settlements aand organisations are quite a big part of the whole setting...
    Use numbers on your keyboard noob...
    Wha? I have never played a game about which I would say it is perfect. I think noone did. He is either too dumb to answer a simple question the way he thinks or he don't know the game.

    Seriously, have they played fallout? And I mean "played", not "tried" or "seen".
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    this question made me laugh the hardest;

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    Emphasis mine. Get back to the drawing tablet, and I might decide not to throw irradiated pancakes at you.
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    Yeah, that seems about right, and maybe BOS ended up in Ireland because they heard about a huge IRA technology cache...but found giant anthropomorphically toned Leprechauns guarding it which they had to altruistically save the Gaellic decendants from. :roll:
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    I wonder what Boy Scout tactics he is talking about...

    Wrong answer :lol: .

    What? It's easier to include real world weapons in game, because one doesn't have to invent them or their backstory.
    How about, because it's an alternative reality 70 years in future?
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    I dont read it either, but I still figured it out the shortcuts!
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    Wow, that Gary guy is pretty dumb. He must not remember the game very well.

    Ricardo gave good enough answers though.
    Also, I don't blame them too much for not answering the more loaded questions, that is just a headache waiting to happen.
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    Ricardo seems like he played the game *somewhat extensively*, at least enough to remember some fairly specific characters and situations. Gary sounds like he played it once or twice but didn't "get" it really. Dan sounds like someone who never played it but was put there to refute any possible criticisms of the other two. Notice the only two fallout details he actually put in were the skill stats and the leather jacket reference?

    Smells like another *no clue* project member to me.
  15. So basically, this is going to be Oblivion with the option of killing everyone including the quest givers..... Ohh... Wait..... shit.... "LoL"

    That's why intelligent people capable of creating believable sciences out of thin air are artists, and you sir, will never be an artist.

    Your a pussy. Nuff said.

    Yes.... Because every Fallout fan knows that the BoS where nothing more than giant underground weapon stockpiles for players too loot and get uber tech.... LULZ!!

    Atleast you said something slightly commendable for, but your sarcasm skills are horrible.

    Yeah, but you thought about it the entire time you saw one. And thats the whole point dumbass.
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    there were shortcuts/hotkeys for that you fucking retard ! :wall: seriously ...is there a single person in the whole Fallout 3 team that has actually Played Fallout 1 and 2 ?! I doubt it !
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    Wasn't? Damn, I had fun playing as a child killer hunted by bounty hunters. But I guess for creators of Oblivion such a disgusting act as child killing isn't a viable option.
    (or moribundus is now one of FO3 devs)

    Seriously, it's his kind that complains about FO's combat being slow because they didn't 'discover' the combat speed setting.

    And you failed so miserably!

    Btw Cleric, your avatar has the best lolcat (or dunecat) I've ever seen!
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    Two comments on the interview:

    1. Interface & Hotkeys
    I've been playing FO again and there are definitely areas of the interface I would re-design using the experience I've gained over the years. Skill use and Inventory are _way_ up there. Bummer the guy didn't find the hotkeys, it makes the game so much more enjoyable to play.

    2. Weapons
    The gun choices in FO1 were 90% mine. I felt that weapon technology would have developed differently in the Fallout universe after the split with our timeline, so I tried to make less of the weapons "real-world". The two exceptions (that I can remember) are the Desert Eagle .44 and the 9mm Mauser. The DE was my favorite gun at the time and I had to include it. The 9mm Mauser is an older weapon that I think has a very cool, unique look to it.

    Others, like the .223 and the 10mm guns, were based on real-world weapons. (There are guys out there that make pistols that shoot rifle cartridges, like the .223. I applaud their insanity. ^_^)

    The 14mm is pure speculation.

    And the energy weapons are just plain out fantasy.

    My only regret is not including a Colt .45. It fits in the same category as the Mauser. I think it was a question of trying to keep the number of ammo types down.

    Nowadays, it's a more interesting question of what weapons to include because more manufacturers pay attention to how their products are used in computer and video games. You might (erm, probably) have to get permission from Glock, for example, to use their likenesses and marks in a game.

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    I don't think that he said that because it's a disgusting act, I bet that he became a child killer and the bounty hunters always killed him... afterall, he is the one who does not know about the skills hotkeys.
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    They could have learned enough during a day of research on the Fallout wiki to fake this interview - and maybe even fake a Fallout game. But they didn't.

    I'm beginning to think they just don't care. :shock:

    Just for the record though, so I'm not mistaken for a rabid Fallout fan, I'll give them credit for some of the answers. I, myself, don't see a huge overlap with Roadwarrior, aside from a few design choices, and the skilldex critique has merit - even if it does involve admitting that he doesn't understand the concept of 'keyboard shortcuts.'