Fallout 3 first footage

Discussion in 'NMA News and Information' started by Brother None, Jul 14, 2008.

  1. Eyenixon

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    Apr 11, 2008
  2. maggit

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    Jun 2, 2008

    ... Mister Bond.
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    Jul 15, 2008

    In all seriousness though, it seems you guys want to dislike the game, regardless of the positive aspects of it. Sure, it's a departure from the original games (a big one, at that, in terms of gameplay), but I'm sure it'll still have the a similar Fallout feel to it.

    I loved the original Fallout games, but I'm also open to trying out this new game in the series. We'll always have Fallout 1 and 2, so it's good to see a nice, fresh spin on the series.

    I know I'm coming in here as a 'newb', but don't shoot me down based upon that fact.
  4. thenightgaunt

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    Jun 7, 2007
    Yeah, basically. I like that they seemed to clear up the BoS/Enclave working togeather thing. Easy mistake. "You can meet and join up with the BoS who occupy the pentagon over there. Oops, there's an enclave vertibird come to kill me." Some one not listening or without any knowledge of the old games might think the two are the same thing from that.

    Though did anyone else notice the level of gore in the demo? Bodies were exploding and limbs where flying off due to machine gun fire. I really hope that's some effect of Bloody Mess being turned on. Not that I mind gore, but I don't really want dismemberments and water ballons filled with blood every time I shot someone.
  5. Eyenixon

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    Apr 11, 2008
    @Pogo - I wouldn't mind a "fresh spin" if Bethesda wasn't being anachronistic and contradictory with the rest of the series.

    Their handling of the BoS, the fact that Jet/Supermutants exist on the east coast, and several other aspects of their game have proven that they really aren't handling the Fallout lore well.

    That's my main issue, I only care about the gameplay if it's being executed poorly, and so far I've only gotten a mixed feeling about the gameplay video, and I still haven't seen the majority of what they've got planned.

    You should understand that for me it's their incompetence when it comes to Fallout's nuances and lore that disgruntles me, not necessarily how they handle the gameplay. That only goes as far as their ability to handle multiple quest solutions, proper dialog and liberal skill application, all of which we haven't seen much of and I cannot comment on.

    But we have seen tons of their apparent "input" into the series' lore and most of it isn't pretty.
  6. thenightgaunt

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    Jun 7, 2007
    True, but the new enclave might not be the same organization. Remember, F2 ends with you nuking the hell out of their headquarters. There's a good bet that most of the old guard of the enclave leadership went up with the rig. At least it's a handy way to make whatever changes one would want to make to fit any possible storyline.
  7. Havok4

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    Jul 15, 2008
    I think it was bloody mess, and it was about the same level as the original fallout with the bloody mess trait. I also don't see why people are complaining about the characters who severely die explode in the same way every time, in the original everyone turned into the exact same pile of goo when they opposed me.
  8. maggit

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    Jun 2, 2008
    Nah, Beth just wants us to dislike it. If they made it clear that
    they are NOT doing a sequel but a spin-off it would be OK. I
    liked what I saw, for a Quake-like FPS, not a true RPG that's it.
    They didn't show off the AI, just gore and massacre. The trailer
    was good though, well apart for the animations.

    EDIT: As Eyenixon said above, lore inconsistency is another thing. But
    maybe they'll explain everything somehow in the game.
  9. Kyuu

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    Jul 19, 2007
    Oh hoh, so sorry to live up to your expectations. I guess everyone should love that piece of trash that was shown just to prove your assumptions wrong, huh?

    Once again, congratulations on your amazing powers of insight.
    My condolences.
    No one said there should be a 20-minute demo of nothing but dialogue. And if the dialogue is even half as hideous as the combat, I doubt anyone with actively firing synapses could stomach even a full minute of it.

    Seriously. The animations? Terrible. Physics? Awful. You'd think Bethesda would have learned after the extremely weak job they did in both those areas in their previous two games, but apparently not. And no, it's not likely these things will be tweaked to any significant degree between now and release. See Morrowind and Oblivion if you require proof.

    Environments? Pretty enough at first glance, but the color scheme isn't very well done. Also, when I saw that ruined highway, I was immediately reminded very strongly of the Ayeleid (or however you freaking spell it) ruins from Oblivion. The whole damn demo just screamed Oblivion. Terrible AI? Check. Terrible ragdoll/death effects? Check. The guy getting shot with the rifle in VATS (as bad as I feared it would be), doing a poor staggering animation, then switching back to the PC and then switching back to the guy suddenly spurting blood and falling apart was just... unbelievable. Then the other guy's leg kind of lazily falling off when he got shot with the shotgun was almost as bad. Not to mention the NPCs just screaming "I'm a bandit from Oblivion with a different outfit!"

    The guns? Uninspired, dull, and totally unconvincing. Not to mention poorly rendered, especially the rifle with scope. Laser rifle was extremely underwhelming.

    And nothing, absolutely nothing that made me think of the original Fallouts in any way but extremely superficially (i.e. the Pipboy).

    Apologies if I was offensive, but watching that demo put me in an extremely foul mood. I really shouldn't let Bethesda's blundering get to me...

    Bzzt, wrong. Not about it being bloody mess. But the death animations in the original Fallouts looked good. The deaths in Fallout 3 look like absolute ass and only have entertainment value in gawking at their crappiness.
  10. Nim82

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    May 5, 2007
    It's funny that id's Rage trailer managed to get away with showing more ingame dialogue...
  11. Anani Masu

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    May 16, 2008
    Back to the video in question briefly...

    I thought the section with the turret in the MS press conference was kinda weird but I just figured out what happened. Todd took a potshot at the turret with his shotgun before jumping out with the laser rifle intending to destroy it. However he hit the sensor and cause it to go haywire with his first shot. You can hear it shoot the raider briefly before she turns and destroys it. Thats why there is no turret when he jumps out and why the raider is facing away from him. You can see the sensor more clearly when he goes into vats mode during the G4 hands on. Just figuring out that little interaction bumped up that demo from kinda meh (hoping to see more exploration / NPC interaction, but dat aint gon sell) to pretty interesting.
  12. fedaykin

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    Jul 15, 2007
    It seems like you want to like the game, regardless of the negative aspects of it. See what I did there?
    What is it you mean by 'a similar Fallout feel'? Fallout was what it was not only because of its gameworld and the PA setting, but also the gameplay, which, you admit, has been completely changed. Slapping some Fallout lore onto what is essentially a shooter hailed as "Oblivion 2" is hardly enough to satisfy me, for example.
    What would be real nice is to have a proper sequel, though. One that stays true to both gameplay and lore. :)

    Why did you find it necessary to register and tell us this? We've heard it before from people that said exactly the same things. Don't worry, our assumptions about you were correct before you even registered, so you really didn't need to bother ;)
  13. thenightgaunt

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    Jun 7, 2007
    Well, it's a bit too much in a way. They're showing it off as "Look how gory our game is" and it takes away something. Most of the time you want to see someone hit the dirt after you shoot them. If they explode everytime you hit them with a bullet it becomes just one more thing that dumbs down the game. It makes it a bit of a joke. It's like cake. If you eat it every day it becomes boring and blah. But if you only get cake every now and then it becomes something special.

    The thing is alot of us here at NMA have allready been disappointed by this game and the changes Beth's made. The most that this footage could do is convince us that they really put alot of detail into the world and the look of the thing. They did and I give them props for it. But the combat was too fast paced (even with VATS) for it to come off as anything other than a FPS, which most here were pissed about to begin with.
    It dosen't help that they didn't show off any interior areas or any interactions with NPCs. We're still going off 2nd and 3rd hand observations of that.

    Here's what they could have done to really get us going. First show VATS as being a bit more strategic and less bullet timey. Second, show off lots and lots of references to the other games. Some close-ups of BoS or Enclave soldiers, or some big scorpions. Hell, end it with the player getting ambushed and KOed by an old school looking Deathclaw.
    Or maybe show off the hand to hand or melee fighting and how it's different than in Oblivion.
    Or at the very least, don't run the damn demo in God mode and let us see how damage effects your character, gimp limbs and all. How about a damned Stimpack? Show us the inventory screen and not just a weapon switch system that looks way too much like the standard fare from a FPS.

    In short, they did nothing to either change our minds or solidify our opinions. All it did was confirm what we have thought for months now. This isn't the Fallout we know, but it's at least better than Fallout:BoS.
  14. Josh

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    Jul 8, 2003
    It looks like a brilliant mod. Loving the oblivionish close combat with the shotgun, that was depressing to watch.
  15. Myryad

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    Jun 16, 2008
    I agree with you on the fallout feel, but what bothers me is that bethesda changed many of the classical and characteristic aspects of the fallout series, and didn't really care that the community was unhappy about many of those changes. I'm refering to the fast travel system, or the fat-man, and many other details that bethesda changed/removed/included that don't really need to be added to the fallout universe.
    Another good example is the one-perk-per-lever thing, why did they mess with an already perfectly balanced leveling system from the previous fallouts?
    Those are the things that bother me the most in fallout 3, the fact that bethesda is too concerned in creating their vision of fallout 3 based on oblivion, that they don't really care about some crucial aspects of the fallout series or about the opinion of the community.
  16. Havok4

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    Jul 15, 2008
    I am still waiting to see how this game turns out, as we have seen so little all we can really do is criticize the thematic design, the world design and the combat. Also we can criticize Bethesda's marketing strategy that focuses on combat and visuals but that doesn't necessarily impact the game.
  17. Kyuu

    Kyuu Insert Awesome Title Here

    Jul 19, 2007
    We'll also always have Oblivion, so we don't need a PA-reskin of it with some superficial Fallout elements slapped on (oh and let's not forget gunz and over-hyped rocked launchers). Also, how is Bethesda doing the EXACT SAME sort of game they just did (which was very similar to their previous game except actually poorer)and using the SAME engine as that game, while explicitly stating they have no intention of doing anything but what they do best (with Oblivion being their "masterpiece"), fresh in any way? A game like the original Fallouts but with a modern engine and evolved (not devolved and destructed as Bethesda has done) gameplay would be the "freshest" possible sort of game, if you actually stop to think about it.
    No one gets shot down for being a "newb" to the forums. They just get shot down for bringing tired, poor arguments to the table. Really, it's true. The admins even actively discouraged Fallout 3 bashing for a long time... until info about the game actually started to surface, that is.
  18. Havok4

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    Jul 15, 2008
    I personally think it is a good idea that Bethesda is doing what they do best, as I would prefer to play a fairly good action-rpg then a bad turn based rpg which would likely be the result of Bethesda trying to make a turn based game. And using an engine they are familiar with also seems like a good idea as if frees up more time to work on the game's content rather then the engine.
  19. Cimmerian Nights

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    Aug 20, 2004
    No shit, I always hear about queueing up shots, but not once did he do that. Think about it, why would you want to queue up shots? Don;t you want to know if your first shot hits before you start queueing shit up? Where's the incentive to ever queue anything up? Add to that the fact that adjacent enemie' attacks are nerfed because of their annoying habit of trying to take you out.

    Why not unarmed/melee demo at all?

    And seriously, Todd is a shitty spokesman, I've seen 4th grade book reports that seemed less scripted and more empassioned. His canned one-liners were embarassing.
  20. fedaykin

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    Jul 15, 2007
    Actually, he did do it, if you look closely. I believe that's also the reason for the quirky scene where a raider gets shot in the head, staggers, then suddenly bursts into a literal bloody mess - first shot, then a second.