Fallout 3 reviews round-up #78

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    Another Christmas Eve, another reviews round-up.

    NG-Gamer, 80.<blockquote>The continuation on Fallout 2 has left 10 years in itself guards, or waiting is rewarded can it doubt however. The game which uses of the same engine as Oblivion nevertheless feels a smattering surplus such as Oblivion in a another jacket. Aiming without V.A.T.S works far from perfectly and works sometimes nevertheless on the nerves. On the other hand, however, overwhelming main-quest stand captivating that will be from beginning to end. Eventually Fallout 3 an entertaining game is which the player without captivating more weet. The serial does not have perhaps the continuation which it deserves, but if game is in itself Fallout 3 absolutely topgame. In spite of the minuses Fallout 3 still a very entertaining game, which a complete good impression behind late, is.</blockquote>The Score.<blockquote>This is not Oblivion with guns. This is a much more realistic, living, breathing world, full of character. To dismiss it as such is doing Fallout 3 a great injustice. This is a game to get lost in, one where you loose hours and have not progressed the main story at all. Yet that doesn’t matter as you’ve managed to save a town from burning down, met someone who is obsessed with Nuka-Cola, discovered some ‘Naughty Nightwear’ and delivered it to a man in a shack all whilst avoiding giant rats and crab-people. Another title that could be considered ‘must-own’, Fallout 3 is a master class in how to construct a world, and fill it with reasons to play.</blockquote>Parry Game Preserve.<blockquote>I would argue that in terms of bringing the world of Fallout alive with convincing visuals, characters, and dialog, Bethesda did a better job than the original creators of Fallout did. Bethesda came up with quite a lot of material such as posters, furniture, clothing, audio in order to create an evocative 1950s-inspired post apocalyptic landscape. Although some of the items are directly taken from the earlier Fallout games there is also a great deal of high quality artistic content created by Bethesda which I feel is more creative and interesting than some of the original Fallout content. Let's face it...the various 50s style posters and merchandise populating the world of Fallout 3 has more artistic merit and is more convincing than things from Fallout 2 such as the inclusion of post-apocalyptic blow-up dolls, ball gags, and armies of generic hookers. If turn-based strategy represents only one element of Fallout, the world, the characters, the quests, and so on represent many other elements. Even if for the sake of argument we decide that Bethesda did a poor job concerning the turn-based strategy element of Fallout, I would suggest that Bethesda did a better job on all the other elements than even the original creators of Fallout.</blockquote>RPGamer, third review, 4.0/5.<blockquote>In all honesty, the story of Fallout 3 is the capital itself. The main quest is extremely short and won't even see the player through a quarter of the game's enormous world. Furthermore, it's not terribly interesting either. Character development is not one of Bethesda's strong suits, and the result is that the player feels very disconnected with the characters in both the main storyline and sidequests, even the ones whom he is apparently supposed to relate to. It doesn't help that the game is often very inconsistent, and sometimes outright contradictory in how it models character behavior and motivation, particularly when it comes to aggression.

    Despite its lackluster combat, Fallout 3's incredibly detailed and intriguing world make it a joy to play, and even those who weren't fond of Bethesda's last offering may find something to like here.</blockquote>Gamers Unite blog, 96%.<blockquote>We come now to the gameplay. This is really what defines the lemons from the apple-pies-with-whipped-cream-on. Let me begin by saying that everything about Fallout 3 is excellent, and the gameplay is no exception. shooting your way through a ghoul-infested sewer has never been more fun. Limbs fly, lasers burn, and you feel genuinely triumphant when you limp from the debris, your enemies dead behind you. Fallout 3 demands strategy, especially when dealing with groups of enemies, or ones who are hiding around corners, keeping the game fresh for a long time.

    The dialogue is all very well-written, and, as I said, the voice acting is terrific, too. Liam Neeson is the voice of your father, an important figure in the game who you will be seeing a lot, and he does a wonderful job of it. I remember when he first spoke his first lines, I though “My god! Qui-Gon Jinn is my father!”

    Fallout 3 is a triumph in every way, and you would be a fool not to buy it right now.</blockquote>Semantic Drift blog, 5/5.<blockquote>On a related note, more enemies would be nice. Your opponents fall into three or four basically similar categories, and after a day or two or playing you will probably have traded bullets with the entire bestiary.

    Despite that, the sheer depth of the Fallout 3 environment provided with me hours and hours of entertainment and I really loved it. Any game that can make me wear new butt-grooves into the sofa and go days without showering and barely eating is worthy of attention. Fallout 3 is the game I would like to have with me in my fallout shelter as the air raid sirens blared and the bombs started to fall. A game this immersive deserves serious attention.</blockquote>The Ephemeric blog, 4/5.<blockquote>However it's when you leave these comfortable homely surroundings that the game really starts to shine. Set in a post apocalyptic Washington DC, the game world is absolutely huge and packed full of life and secrets and intelligent computer controlled characters. The artistic style is remarkable and superbly brings to life an intricate and deep back story without forcing the mythology upon the player, instead the player is free to try and discover as much or as little of the world and it's backstory as he/she wants.

    Indeed the only real problem with the game is that it all comes to an end rather abruptly.</blockquote>ComputerChips Online, 4/5.<blockquote>Ultimately, the game ends up feeling like Oblivion with the Fallout universe jammed forcefully into it. This is not at all a bad thing, but the technical side of the game doesn’t always live up to the actual content. The result is game that has a great story, but every time I would get lost in the world, a technical issue would crop up and pull me right out of it. In spite of these immersion issues, Fallout 3 is still one of the better RPGs to appear in a while.

    The game can be played in either first or third person, and I found both views to be fun and playable. The story is the strongest part of the game. Throughout the different quests, I had a number of choices to make, all of which lead to different outcomes. This is also reflected in a custom narration at the end of the game which chronicles all the different paths I chose to take.</blockquote>Bonus content: two very brief blog reviews, reproduced here in their entirety.

    Divide By Zero, A+.<blockquote>The only way to describe the experience when you first fire up Fallout 3 is how you felt when you played Morrowind: confused, epic, daunting, and a whole ton of awesome.</blockquote>The Memoirs of Jim ‘ung.<blockquote>Uninstall Complete

    InstallShield Wizard has finished uninstalling Fallout 3.</blockquote>
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    Please someone kill me. Or him/her. Actually him/her. Yes, that is one bold statement.
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    Before you start making death threats you should perhaps know that the person who wrote that is an NMA member. Also:

    Yes I do feel epic, daunting and awesome thank you
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    A picture says a thousand word for this review? :lol:
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    Best review I've read so far.
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    Paraphrasing Arkansas Senator Mark Pryor: you don't have to pass an IQ test to be an NMA member, though.
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    Best review ever.

    Anyone can register here or I'm missing something here?
    His review isn't that good anyway.

    :roll: Right. As I said before, it's easy to be a general after the war has been won. On top of that, there's not much Bethesda added to the FO canon, it's all a variation on the same (old) theme.
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    You must tell us, you must!
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    It's you!!

    He has the same handle here and there.
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    Nice try smartypants but I don't have a site of my own nor have I contributed any articles to anyone recently.

    Hmm, usually such accusations are done to drive away suspicion from someone else...

    Per! How could you!
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    Yup, Fallout 2, on the other hand, had no posters or atmospheric elements at all, but was full of flaming swords, Chinese officers and had laser tanks. And yup, one ugly hooker is always better than a couple of, if generic, whorehouses. /sarcasm

    Would the people drop the TB/RT debate already? You may like it or you may not, but that's purely preference-based. On the other hand, why do so few people address the issue how good the specific system the game has is?
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    Sorry didn't want it to come across as a death threat, which now I realize it does.

    Regardless whether as they are NMA member or not, I think I should be able to criticize. Or maybe not, but I can state an opinion.

    There's no way that Bethesda did a better job than Interplay/Black Isle. I'm not trying to take anything away from Bethesda; graphically the game looks good, no questions asked. In no way though, did I ever feel like I was playing Fallout, other than the Vault Boy's nausiating appereance. Fallout 1/2 made me feel like I was actually playing a post nuclear game, as opposed to a bombed out Washington, without the "stunning visuals" that Bethesda's technology has available to them. Now that's good design. Fallout 3 may have been an enjoyable game to many, but it's not superior to 1/2 by any means.

    I'm glad he was able to enjoy the game in that perspective, because then he doesn't feel like he got ripped off on his money.

    Again, I apologize for the crude remark. I should have thought that one through.
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    It's not that I (or anyone besides NMA bashers) think you were making an actual threat, but it does fall under the "no death threats" rule. And since people usually become a lot more polite once criticized writers register and post here, I thought I should point out that in this case the writer in question already has, however infrequently.
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    This is what gets me, the story is bad, there's no sense of connection with characters, and the combat is bad yet the game gets a 4/5? Does having an "incredibly detailed and intriguing world" really overshadow all of the flaws of the game enough so that it's a 4/5 (8/10 really with their scoring)? That just seems ridiculous to me.

    There are two reasons for that, the first is simply that people are overly dramatic when they aren't actually having a conversation with the writer, and the second is that the writers generally start supporting the points in question when they come here, something they generally failed to do originally.

    Stupidity is stupidity and like all arguments, the source is moot.
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    If what you say is right, the three stooges (Howard, Pagliarulo and Hines) should have joined NMA years ago.

    My last post for today. Merry Christmas to all.
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    Hasn't Emil posted at NMA already?
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    And Todd I believe and they were both treated extremely well for the two posts they made (though one of them made a post in the wrong forum).
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    There's no way that Interplay/Black Isle could have accomplished what Bethesda did to the series for me.

    See what I did there? It is called an opinion, and everyone has one.

    Fallout 3 FTW.
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    Indeed, I very much so doubt that Interplay and Black Isle would have ever made a Fallout game that was heavily influenced by TES and only modify the TES engine to be more Fallouty.

    Facts however can be discussed and the fact is that Fallout 3 is a worse product (game) than Fallout 1&2 as it poorly achieves the goals of two of the three genres it's a part of and is clearly a worse Fallout game as it all but completely fails to meet the design goals for the IP.

    Which game is the most fun is subjective and thus you can shout until you're blue in the face that Fallout 3 is more fun and you won't have any argument from me. If you want to talk about where it's better than Fallout 1&2, then we can have a discussion.

    You can have whatever "opinion" you want but that doesn't mean that it can't be wrong, take flat worlders and creationists for example.
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    Some people like McDonald's hamburgers more than a thick, juicy cut of steak grilled to perfection.