Fallout 3 The Pitt interviews

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    MTV Multiplayer interviews Pete Hines (thanks Ausir).<blockquote>graemepass @multiplayers Is it as combat focused as Anchorage? Because that’s not what I want.

    Hines: No. It is much more in line with some of the other stuff in “Fallout.” There are these two factions. There’s a story: the slavers vs. the slaves. And you have to figure out who you want to believe and who you want to help. Clearly, there’s combat involved, but there are multiple ways to go about doing things. You have to decide ultimately what you think is right, because there is no real right or wrong.

    DuhraL @multiplayers w/ the first DLC, they used a lot of the wasteland assets with a blue filter on top. Does the “Pitt” feel like a new city?

    Hines: I don’t think that’s actually entirely accurate, but you could probably answer that better than me. When you were in it did it feel different? To me it does.

    MTV Multiplayer: Yeah, the [Pittsburgh] bridge looks different.

    Hines: It’s much grittier, much more industrial. It feels like what you might think post-apocalyptic Pittsburgh would look like.</blockquote>GameSpot has a video interview, also with Pete Hines at DICE.
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    So the bridges are much more grittier and industrial?

    Cool. :P
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    Bridges are the new soil erosion.
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    Fuck yeah GRIT! Everything should be darker and grittier. I'll make a kids show where all the characters have telephone scars and track marks and dark pasts, shoot it entirely with dark filters. It'll be the darkest, gritiest thing on PBS.

    I can't understnad everyone's obssesion with dirting everything up. Isn't a post-apocalyptic wasteland already pretty dark and gritty?
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    It's just part of the "aesthetics over substance" movement in gaming; make decent looking graphics and waste no time on developing interesting or, god forbid, compelling story-lines.
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    Note to self: When asking interview questions, don't give away the answer that you want.

    Swap the blue filter for an orange one.
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    The worse line I have ever read.

    Some of the 'other' stuff? Which stuff?

    Wow, and?

    It's about choosing not believing IMO

    Like sometimes you can shoot someone in the head, or in the arm?

    So how can I decide which is right, and which is wrong, if there is not right and wrong?#

    It's the same way they created FO3

    "Fallout was about violence and gore and we will show how we see it."

    Bethesda, during the development of Fallout 3
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    I no longer hate the man, i just feel pity. That poor, poor, poor fool. Where did he learn how to give an interview, Captain Obvious' School of Redundency and Contradiction? Jeez Louweez